Do You Remember Sinead O'Conner ?

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    O' Connor recently welcomed her fourth child into the family and these are the first shots of the little bundle of joy.

    Yeshna Francis Neil is 40-year-old Sinead's first child with boyfriend Frank Bonaclio.

    Since his birth, had reported that the baby boy was struggling with pneumonia, but after treatment at the neonatal intensive care unit, baby was made well and sent home with mom.

    All the best to the family!!
  2. wow, 4 children, she has sure been busy ;)

    I still remember seeing her video of nothing compares to you for the first time. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The tears that fell were real, they used the very first take for the video (some more useless info from me!!! )
  3. I remember that video, too! Then Prince covered the song. I like both versions.
    "It's been seven hours and fourteen days / Since you took our love away . . . "

    I never saw it live, but I've seen clips of her infamous "Fight the REAL enemy!" tearing up a picture of the Pope incident on SNL. (And SNL is still not allowed to show that clip in SNL reruns.)

    She seems to be settling down, though. Good for.
  4. In spite of all her problems and issues and controversy I absolutely LOVE Sinead O'Connor. She has my absolute fave voice of all time. I hope she's found some peace in her life, finally.
  5. It's originally done by Prince. He wrote it and sang it first.
  6. I stand corrected. I love both versions, anyway.
  7. Shes the one who did the whole "Fight the real enemy" thing right? I always though she committed suicide for some reason!!
  8. Wow, I didn't even know she had kids! Yeah, her "lion and the cobra" album really blew me out of the water and I saw the SNL Pope-ripping schtick live as millions did.
  9. I looove that song! Love Love Love!
  10. i thought she was a lesbian>??

    either way that song wass hot... by the way thats very useful info i loved to kn ow things like htat.. i didnt reliase they were real tears
  11. Sinead O'Connor had been missing since yesterday and was found today. Some were worried she may have been suicidal.

  12. She's been desperate to get attention for a couple of years. She's gone "missing" before.
  13. She is not well and hasn't been for quite some time.
  14. She's been found. I don't have any details, just read the announcement that she's no longer missing.
  15. She needs her meds adjusted or she needs an extended stay in a mental institution. She goes on rants and disappearances on a regular basis and I am pretty sure it's not for the attention. She is just legitimately mentally unstable and needs help.