Do you remember Jelly Kelly bags?

  1. I was just thinking about Jelly Kelly bags today for some reason!

    Do you remember these? They were EVERYWHERE about five years ago. SJP carried one on Sex and the City. Then they totally disappeared. I found them kind of hilarious. I remember sort of wanting one but then losing interest.

    Did you have one of these? Whatever happened to them? :p lol I think I remember they got sued by Hermes...maybe that is why they disappeared so quickly.

    Here is the official website:


  2. I remember them but I never understood the hype surrounding them.
  3. It was one of those kind of ridiculous fads. I remember people were bringing them to the beach in the summer.

    I was just looking at their website -- I had thought for some reason that Hermes got them to cease and desist making them but it looks like they still sell them? Weird.
  4. Never even heard of them.:shrugs:
  5. hahaha i remember those. i thought they were ugly and tacky - come on, it's a rubber bag! lol i never had one. i'm sure other ppl realized how silly they were and that's why you don't see them.
  6. I recall Hermès suing them, which of course gave them more publicity.
  7. I know, but you know even with totally ridiculous things, somehow there is a fad about them at the time and everyone thinks they are amazing? Like remember in the 80s when flourescent socks were all the rage? I remember thinking those were AWESOME at the time :roflmfao:

    I thought the idea with these bags was that they were supposed to be cheeky and funny. But definitely also very ridiculous. I certainly would not run out and buy one. I was just thinking about them and wondering whatever happened to them, LOL
  8. I remember those. They were nasty in real life. I picked one up that was abandoned at a thrift shop. It was gross feeling rubber. It smelled pretty strongly too. I don't even get why they were called them "Kelly" when it's obvious they are a knockoff of a Birkin. I guess "Jelly Kelly" has more of a ring to it.
  9. I knew someone how had one!!
  10. I totally had one,haha. It was awful, but it did make a pretty good beach bag. What can I say, I was young and easily influenced by SATC. Mine was pink.
  11. Oooh, I remember the smell, like a petrochemical nightmare.
  12. Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard of them. But then again I've never been into Hermes either. Funny though..
  13. Same here :hrmm:
  14. I remember those! Yuck! :yucky: lol That smell was something else...
  15. I had one!! I thought that they made an ADORABLE beach bag. They came in a million colors are were waterproof - can't get much better than that for the beach IMO!