Do You Remember Agent Scully From The X Files ?

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    Here’s a recent shot of Gillian Anderson, looking good. Not sure what photo shoot the picture came from, but Gillian has some new projects coming out and I can assume they are in support. This is the longest I’ve ever seen her hair, but the shots are flattering considering it’s been some years since we’ve seen her as Agent Scully.
  2. OMG ... i couldnt recoginze her at 1st :wtf: WOOOOOOOOOOOOW

    she's still pregnant? gave birth? last time i read about her few months ago, she was expecting ..
  3. she looks gorgeous in that photo.
  4. I think she kinda reminds me of Lindsay Lohan :shame:
  5. Wow, what a change from the redhead bob! She looks great.
  6. I always thought she was a classic beauty on X-Files. Now she's got better hair too!
  7. She is really a beautiful woman!
  8. wow, she looks so pretty!!!!
  9. She starred in a PBS mini series this past fall called The Bleak House, and I believe she got an emmy nomination for it. She is an amazing actress.
  10. pretty...but why does her head look freakishly thin??? maybe it's the photo hmm
  11. i love x-files, she looking much younger with long hair. Definitely, better dressing than agent scully.
  12. I still prefer her with red hair but supposedly she is a natural blonde
  13. Wow, she looks really different without the red hair.
  14. She looks gorgeous!
  15. Woow, she looks great! So much better than a few years ago when she was playing Scully on the Xfiles.