Do You Remember Adrianne Curry From ANTM ? Well She's Really Pissed ..

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    According to TMZ, Adrianne Curry, who was the Season One winner of "America's Next Top Model," has lambasted the show and Revlon, claiming that she "has yet to see a dime from Revlon" for her work.

    "We were told the winner would be an instant millionaire, that our faces would be plastered everywhere in Revlon ads. None of which turned out to be true ... I still haven't got paid for the work I did for them!" steamed Curry.

    "They had no money ... no clue what they were doing ... all they had was mind f***ing us for good tv [sic]." Adrianne also claims that the girls hardly slept during filming, were kept hungry for long periods and were crammed into small quarters to guarantee drama. The Revlon campaign "turned out to be only a day's work at a convention." Not so fabulash
  2. wow, she's been patient waiting all this time to finally speak up!
  3. That is odd..However Adrianne isnt exactly a model gal her self..she has been pretty sleazy on TV..LOL..Dont like her at all
  4. why did she wait this long to speak up? Didn't she win in like 2003 or 2004? I remember it was a while ago. I do agree that she's not really the model type. She's more of like the sleezy tv reality star has been.
  5. I'm wondering whether the reason why she is speaking up now, is because she doesn't have any money.:s
  6. I think she's a gross person to begin with. Revlon probably doesn't want to be associated with her, and I don't blame them.
  7. Will we ever know the real deal???
  8. Me too!:shrugs:
  9. She is trashy...have no clue as to why she won in the first place.
  10. didn't she marry to the rich guy? (sorry, I didn't care her news before:shrugs:)
  11. She was on "Dirt" last night with her husband, Peter Brady. LOL. Could it be she was trying to bring attention to herself because of her appearance?

    I never think any of the ANTM winners are real model types.
  12. I really like Adrianne, I think she is a kick ass, strong, speaks her mind, and seems to be pretty humble and remembers where she came from. She has the best bod i have ever seen! LOL
  13. i remember watching true hollywood story ANTM and she was very vocal about how she thought it was all full of crap and they didnt come thru with promises made.
  14. ^ I learnedto be totally disgusted with her on the Brady show she was on..It was HORRID
  15. I personally really like her. She has actually been speaking up against this and Tyra for quite some time now. This is nothing new

    Tyra's only response is that they actually win a CHANCE at whatever contract is the prize on ANTM, not the actual contract. If whatever company deems the winner innapropriate for their campaigns, then they don't have to give out a contract