Do you remember Ab Fab?

  1. I was watching tv at my friend's house and saw an episode ... I used to love this show! Anyone else a fan?
  2. Unfortunately it was never shown in germany but my English friend told me about it so I got all episodes from the internet and I just love it! It's hilarious especially Patsy fights with Edina's daughter.
  3. AB FAB IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wheels on fireee ,,, rolling down the rooooaaadddd! hehe i love it!!!!!!!!!!

    my video store and netflix i think have all the seasons on dvd i watched them over and over again im thinking of buying one of the seasons i just think they are SOO funny!!!

    (not every single one is as good as other but i love them!!!)

    thats where i first learned about designers like christian La croix and westwood haha

    they crack me up! now i want to watch them so bad!
  4. I used to love this show. Hilarious!
  5. I love it! Especially Patsy. Hilarious
  6. Oh yes !!! I loved this show !
  7. Patsy was so funny. I may have to buy these on DVD. Remember the episode they were drinking and driving?
  8. I bought the whole box set series on DVD and I love it..
  9. Patsy is one of my idols..
  10. Loved it! One of my favorite episodes was when they took a trip to India or Moracco, I cant remember which. Patsy was completely stoned from beginning to end. It was hilarious.
  11. Are you kidding! I used to make people watch that show! I can't tell you how many people I introduced to Patsy and Edie. And still today, whenever I get the urge to do something stupid, I hear Patsy's voice: "GO THROUGH IT EDIEEEEEEEEEE"! If my wacky memory serves me correctly, that was from the episode "Poor"; one of my favorites. Another one that used to crack me up was "Death". When Patsy pats Edina's mother on the head... :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: !!! "I console you", is what I think she said... Awww man, this is really makin' me miss it.
  12. The best thing is that in the UK, Joanna Lumley used to have this reputation as sexy, serious and posh. This made it even more for watching her play the drunken Patsy character.
  13. That was one of my fav's too. I remember something about the men putting honey on the womans body and at the end patsy asks can you smell honey when saffy(?) walks in.
  14. I cannot believe you asked this question!!! I was thinking of posting the EXACT SAME THING only yesterday!!!!! I LOVE this show!! Have the complete box set on DVD!! Patsy is my HERO!!!
  15. I used to love this show! They used to run it on Comedy Central when I was in college.