Do you rely on a calendar or your own biological clock to tell you exactly when your

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  1. Do you rely on a calendar or your own biological clock to tell you exactly when your period is due?

    I know the symptoms when it's about to start. Never needed a calendar.
  2. I don't need a calendar, my body lets me know about a week before. Plus I'm on the pill and just go by when the little suckers run out. :p
  3. I haven't gotten my period back yet - but before my biological clock let me know when I was ovulating, so I always figured about 2 weeks after that my period came - and it was usually correct by a day or so :smile:
  4. I used to be able to tell when it was on it's way. I would keep track on a calendar anyway, so I would have the exact date to tell when I saw the doctor only. The problem now is that I stopped having periods when I got to 360 pounds. After I lost some weight, I started again, but I am very irregular. It's almost like I am 12 years old again and my body is adjusting to menstruation.
  5. I have used a calendar religiously to mark the start of my period each month. Yep, a red square around the date, hee hee.

    In my teens, 20s and early 30s my periods were very irregular...4 to 6 weeks between cycles and it was really exhausting trying to predict it. Ironically, into my mid/late 30s my periods got onto a 28-29 day cycle almost to a T so now it's really easy to predict. I always though periods got irregular as you got older, so this is a blessing!
  6. Man, I used to have the most irregular cycle, and would have the WORST cramps. No sign of it coming, then BAM, curled up in a little ball and crying for mommy. Going on the pill was one of the best decisions I've made for myself.
  7. I use a calendar, but usually can tell by symptoms like I turn in to psycho B*tch about a week before & have some breast tenderness.I keep track, though, just to make sure I'm regular & still ovulating. At least I can answer the Gyno's first day of last period ?? every time, lol!
  8. I track my cycle on - mine isn't always the same number of days each cycle (I'm not currently on the pill or anything), but it is good to know the approximate time frame. I keep that in the back of my mind, but I can usually feel when it's starting to come on.
  9. i listen to my body. if i use a calender, my cycle feels really out of wack and abnormal. if i just listen to my body, it's right on time and always exactly the same. i finally just gave up trying to track it.
  10. DITTO. It was horrible pre-pill for me!
  11. My cycle is still attempting to get back on track... so I just go by my body. I know how I begin to feel about 5 days before, and I can tell when I am ovulating... the cycle length is still a mystery to me!
  12. I've never had a regular cycle. Now I have a Mirena IUD so I rarely get a period at all. I also have PCOS so before the IUD my hormones were a mess and there was no point in even trying to guess.
  13. Every 21 days like clock work for me!!! I do keep it on the calendar but its the same every month!
  14. Generally it starts every 4 weeks & 2 days (I keep good track). OCCASIONALLY, about one period a year, it ends up being a few days late. Pretty much all of the time though it's every 4 weeks and 2 days. :biggrin:
  15. My cycle is pretty regular, but I always forget the dates of when things start and finish, and I typically end up forgetting and like, buying a pregnancy test a few times a year and hoping like hell it comes out negative, but that's too much stress for me. Earlier this week when Aunt Flo arrived I made the decision for once and for all to just let my Palm organizer take care of it. I marked the starting date on the calendar, and just set it to repeat every 28 days. It will pop up on the home screen of my phone's calendar function ahead of time because my phone is set up to display my appointments or other calendar entries the day before they occur.