Do you relate spending $$$ to LV items.......

  1. okay not sure how to say it but this is what I mean. I got a flat tire the other day on my 1.5 year old car. I guess I ran over a piece of metal that slashed my tire and made it go flat in about 1 minute. So anywho I had to buy 2 new tires and it cost me almost $400! As I was paying for my new tires I was thinking to myself..........damn I could have bought a new pochette & cles with that money or almost a recital!

    Do you guys think like that too??

    And the other day I was at the outlets and saw a cute Coach bag..........I was going to buy it but then thought the $228 asking price was too much for it, so I passed. Well I ended up getting a damier purse and wallet a couple days later for $1100 and that was ok with me - explain that logic!

    And no matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to spend more on a wallet than I would on a good thing they dropped the price of the french purse or I would not have bought the other day!!
  2. I do that all the time!
  3. I do this ALL the time. Even with necessities (like dental & doctors appointments) heck with saving my life or my teeth...give me an LV LOL
  4. I always do that. I've had so many wedding expenses lately, I keep thinking I could've bought a set of LV luggage, a Birkin, and a Fendi spy in (almost) every color! It's killing me the money that's being shelled out for this day!
  5. This is so funny! I was looking at the Coach website a little while ago and nearly ordered a bag (I actually tried to order another, cheaper one, but they wouldn't take my credit card, grr) and thought "wow, for that, I could get the pochette I want with money leftover!"
  6. I definitely do that, with EVERYthing now! :p even when i buy clothes now, as it starts climbing the hundreds, all i'm thinking of is damn, with this money i could buy a new cles, or pochette...and then i sit and try to debate which one to get, even when LV wasn't even in my consideration at the beginning!
  7. I totally understand this I do it all the time!
  8. Yes, esp. with the impending purchase of our van. I explain it that the van payments will be 1 LV a month, for example:

    March: Azur Speedy 25
    April: Mini Mini Noe
    May: Inclusion Speedy Key Chains: 1 Pomme, 1 Framboise
    June: Glitter Key Chain: 1 Silver, 1 Gold
    July: French Wallet
    August: Vernis Lexington

    And so on and so forth...
  9. Do you think if I pointed that out to my DH, he would let me buy more LV? "Well, dear.. I pay your car payment everrrrry month.. I should get something back at least once every two or three months.." (His car payment is pretty low.)
  10. I do that all the time!
  11. Lol, I'm exactly the same... "If I add 200€, I could get this or that LV..."... I almost bought a Hello Kitty agenda, but I thought 35€ was too expensive for that :roflmfao: ... now I'm eyeing a Suhali agenda on eBay :shame:
  12. I do this all of the time- I am already planning on what to spend my work bonus on- even though I really should buy a new pair of glasses. Contacts will have to keep holding me over....
  13. LOL I tought I was the only one doing that !!!!!!!!!!!!
    when I read your thread it was like it was written by me :biggrin:
  14. I would try to get Lasik if I were you. I did it almost 2 years ago and man oh man I don't know why I waited so long to do it!! It's the best thing ever, I hated contacts.

    But it's about $3500 and that's ALOT OF LV STUFF!! :graucho:
  15. I do this too. I actually find this helps to reduce my "small money" spending on makeup and fashion jewellery.