Do you regret your Wrist Tattoo?

  1. I got a small cross on the inside of my wrist a few months ago, and I LOVE it!! I really don't have to worry about having it covered up or anything, my job lets me pretty creative. Now, I want one on the back of my neck, but I promised dh I wouldn't get any more tattoos.....I have 7.
  2. well I learn something new everyday, I guess Ive been living under a rock but a white tattoo? That seems so cool! love the pic by the way!
  3. Interesting.. I have one on the outside of my right wrist and cover it with a watch. I've actually never given thought to one on the inside, though. BTW, that while ink tattoo looks awesome! Is it a water lily?
  4. ^^ Yup! I usually refer to it as a lotus..the same thing, I suppose.

    I have to admit tho, this is my most painful tattoo! I have 4 in total and this was the least pleasant. I plan on getting one final tattoo but can't decide where or what... I do love wrist tattoos if they are discreet! I wish I had the guts/financial ability to get a peony like Ashlee Simpson...
  5. Actually... I've really been wanting to get a cherry blossom. You may have inspired me to get a white ink one on the inside of my left wrist. :idea:
  6. after reading this i think I need a wrist tattoo... Want to get my foot done too, wanted a foot tattoo for yes, but I also love this idea!!
  7. omg me too. this link was very helpful ladies, I've been thinking about one on my wrist for a while now and i wasn't quite sure, same as the rest if i would regret it, but i wasn't sure whether i wanted something so visible, white ink is a fantastic idea. I will investigate and see if they do it in my local area. By the way i think foot tatoo's are totally cute!
  8. I have one on each of my outer wrists. Got them done 4 years ago and I still love them to this day :yes:
  9. Really?? :push:

    I've been dying for a wrist tattoo, but this was what I was most afraid of. *sigh* I was also considering the fleshy part - the fleshy part of the "web' between my thumb and 2nd finger on my right hand.

    Just worried about my pain threshold :shame:
  10. NOT AT ALL.
    the one on the left is mine, the right one is my boyfriend's
  11. Wow, awesome thread! it's so weird because i have been seriously debating about getting my left wrist tattooed recently, and i wanted to ask you guys about the PAIN!
    I have such low tolerance for pain...scares me half to death!!!
    How long does it take to do a tattoo on the wrist??? ugh...the pain...
  12. I just got one on my inner right wrist, it's healing poorly right now so I will get it retouched when it's done being scabby (ugh, no lectures please, I know how to do aftercare! LOL). Compared to my lower back, this one didn't hurt at all! I'm getting the other wrist done in a month or so. The one I just got is one of the eyes of Horus, I'm getting the matching eye to have the full set (Ra and Thoth). They symbolize, essentially, Yin and Yang - more specifically, the balance and the duality of life. I've loved Ancient Egypt my whole life and have been wanting the eyes for YEARS. I'm planning on getting a scarab on my foot and a winged scarab on my hip. All in black ink, except the wings of the scarab, which will be a myriad of colors.
  13. i have one on each side of the insides of my wrists. one is a symbol meaning inner peace, and the other is an arabic blessing in memory of my grandmother. i'm half lebanese, so the arabic blessing is very special to me. the inner peace one i got because i lost three family members right in a row and was completely devastated. i never regretted either of them because they have such meaning to me. i do, however, regret my lower back one that i got when i was 16 because i thought it was cool. ughh
  14. Too bad you don't live in Il....we are a lot alike, and I bet your a BLAST to hang out with!! I have wanted a wrist tattoo as well, but DH thinks its a bad idea. I have a fairy on my lower back, and the only other place I have wanted another tattoo is on my wrist. I'm left handed as I would want to put it on my left wrist.
  15. Wow, I didn't even think of a wrist tattoo until now.. I want a tattoo, but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to go through with it. Love the pictures ladies :smile: