Do you regret having a child?


Do you regret having children?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, but only during PPD

  4. I wish I had fewer children

  5. I wish I could have more children

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  1. So very proud of you momma! I don't know how you do it. I have 2x 19 months old and they are testing me everyday :p
  2. Thanks sweetie! I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job! ;)

    That's what they do. They need to test thier boundries. Once that's established and you get a schedule all figured out, you'll be fine.

    As they grow older, they're so fun to watch. The way they communicate and interact with each's amazing.

    My boys are best friends and are so protective of each other. I hope that never changes.

    The first few years are challenging. Even just to do simple things like running errands or being able to use the washroom without toddlers busting down the door. Once they become more independent (and believe me, blink, and they're in high school) it'll get easier and they'll rely less on you and more on each other.

    Now, I have to ask to be cuddled or for them to turn off their game and come watch a movie with me.

    Good luck to you momma! :hugs:
  3. I have two beautiful little girls. A 4 yo and a 1 yo. I have no regrets nor will I ever. They are Amazing. Yes I feel overwhelmed, tired, worried all the time. I feel like i do nothing for myself anymore, it's all for them. Being a mom is the most humbling and rewarding experience a person can have
  4. No, I don't regret it. We only have one child (DS is 14). I will admit to sometimes regretting not having another one so he'd have a sibling.
  5. You are AwEsOmE! I want to be like You!
    I have 3 boys and can not wait to convince my DH to have more... :biggrin:
  6. I really hope that number is high! That seems way off, I just can't imagine it. I know some people do wish they didn't have kids or have their regrets, but 70%? I don't buy it. It seems that most people who have children in "undesirable" circumstances are still glad that they have their kids, even if they aren't happy about it right away. Although I imagine most people who do regret it aren't going to talk openly about it anyway, since it's pretty taboo.
  7. Thank you Love! Fingers crossed for you!
  8. I couldn't imagine ever regretting my baby!! I wonder what demographic they got that study from...

    Then again, DH and I had to try really, really hard to have our girl, so maybe we appreciate the experience more?? There's none of that nagging "if we had just waited" thinking that some of our friends struggled with. Just guessing...
  9. Just curious how old were you when you have your last two? I am 35 now and wonder how many more I can have....
  10. I was 36 and 39 with my last two. You have a few more kids left in you!;)
  11. Hehehe thanks! Would love to have 2 more!
  12. I have 8 yr old twin boys too - insanity but FUN!!

  13. I wouldn't want to live in a world where my little Vincent doesn't exist. :heart:
  14. Let's hear it for our boys!:woohoo:Girls are lovely too!:tender:
  15. I do not regret having my DD but I do wish it would have happened about 6 years later then what it did. Neither my DH or I were ready but we did "grow up" and now we couldn't be happier. We are now discussing if we should have another and Ithink no matter what one of us will regret our choice. I do not want another but he does, I keeping telling him I can always love another child but he may resent me later on if we don't have one.