Do you regret getting reissue with GH instead of RHW?

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  1. I am hoping to get a reissue 225 size soon and I am torn on the hardware. I went to see both in person and still couldn't make up my mind. I love the gold hardware but I am afraid it will chip too easily. Does anyone regret getting the gold and wish they would have gotten RHW instead? I am a very casual dresser but I tend to love gold more. I would appreciate opinions.
  2. I got this and love it...but it’s 226 medium size

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  3. I own black reissue 225 with gold hwr. I really like gold on the bag and wear it casually with jeans all the time. It coordinates well with my gold jewelry. I have not had any chipping issues. It does look slightly distressed which goes along with the look of the whole bag!
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  4. I have the same dilemma and still haven't decided yet, leaning towards the RHW though.

    I thought I was set on the GHW but then started thinking it'd look too dressy if I wear it with casual clothing. The RHW is beautiful as well and I like how it nicely compliments casual clothing ... but I'm afraid it's not dressy enough to dress up.

    IMO: The GHW seems a tinge towards yellow though and is more flashy when compared to RHW. Since I personally want a understated look, I'll likely get RHW.
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  5. Yes I feel the same way the gold makes it look more "Chanel" but since its more yellow toned im afraid it will look too flashy so I like how the RHW is less flashy and looks so chic but I'm afraid I might feel underwhelmed.
  6. Nope, love my Bronze Reissue w/Aged Gold HW. Had it since release and still love, love, love it!

    Not flashy at all. I've easily worn with jeans and gowns alike. Perfect.
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  7. I almost always prefer silver or ruthenium hardware, but in the Reissue I think the aged gold hardware is just perfection. It's not "too gold" and pairs so well with the vintage feel of the bag. My small/225 Reissue is one of the few bags I have with gold hardware (and all the others have light gold hardware) and I have no regrets. I don't feel it is flashy at all and find it dresses up and down very easily.
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  8. That's why I feel so torn. I do feel that the reissue, in black leather, looks best and most classic with GHW.

    I don't think the OP specified, but I assumed they meant RHW vs GHW on a black reissue. The more obvious contrast between the GHW with black makes me think it's more dressy, and not as easy to dress down.

    Any chance you / other TPFers have mod pics / links to of the reissue with GHW with casual outfits?
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  9. I just used my Black Reissue with GHW today, its go well with my jeans and sweatshirt, look really causal to me! And I think the distressed look of Reissue gold hardware is the best match!
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  10. Yes I want a black reissue. I am
    also concerned the black and gold might look too dressy but it seems most people say it looks fine casual.
  11. FC0CEDA6-7BE1-4E08-8DD8-151D47CEE8AC.jpeg
    I went through the same dilemma (lol) when I was looking for my first Reissue. I am a totally casual dresser — we are talking about “jeans, tees and hoodies” casual. I have always liked silver/gunmetal/non-gold hardware — and thought the RHW would better suit my style. I was looking to buy preloved so I left it up to chance/fate as to which hardware I end up with. I was actually looking at both a RHW and GHW at the same time but the RHW sold so I went with the GHW. No regrets whatsoever. It is a classic combo. It works well both dressed up or down. Here is a picture of (sloppy) me in a striped tee/jeans with my Reissue. Good luck deciding — can’t go wrong with either :smile:
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  12. Yes I’m the same, jeans, tee and lots of hoodies. There is something about the gold that makes it more tempting!! Thanks for sharing the picture :smile:
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  13. Here are a couple of my old mod shots. I’ve gotten lazy and haven taken many recently. HTH
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  14. I just love the aged gold hardware on the reissue! On the classic I prefer the silver. Personal choice on both for sure. Can’t go wrong with either.
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  15. No. I would only buy chanel bags with GHW, same with Hermes.
    "chip too easily"-- what are you talking about? Never heard of it, never happen to mine.
    Casual or not, it's up to your own outfit.
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