Do you regret anything in your life...

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  1. i regret not taking my butt to college right after high school. i figured i'd take some time off to spend with my son. bleh! i've gotten lazy. i'm still motivated to finish and i will but if i had just gone like the way i always planned to i'd have my b/a by now. now i have to take some more time off because my second baby will be worn in about 3 weeks or so. *sigh*
  2. Of course there are regrets -- wish I'd gone to law or medical school instead of getting a PhD in English, wish I had waited longer to get married the first time, wish I had taken my own future seriously when I was younger.

    But, I have absolutely no regrets about the way I raised my son. Not one. That more than makes up for everything.
  3. I dont have any regrets, I think that the things that I've done in my life, I've done for a reason. For example people ask me "dont you regret leaving college before you finished your A'levels?" but I dont. Sure it would have been a good qualification to have, but at the end of the day I wasn't happy studying those subjects so I moved on to something else that I enjoy. I think if you make the most of every opportunity then in years to come you wont sit around thinking "what if?"
  4. I sort of regret joining the military and moving away from my mum at 18. I lived away from her for 9 years (although visited each year). She passed away 2 years ago from cancer only 6 months after I discharged and moved back to my home town with my husband and I feel that I wish I could take those 9 years back and spend them with her. I know that she was proud that I served my country but I still feel guilty about it. I know she really missed not having her daughter around to go shopping with and stuff. Oh goes on I guess.....
  5. don't regret anything but there are some things I would have done differently...just to make the road a little less rough. But life is good, can't complain - so I choose to be grateful and thankful for where I am now.
  6. i regret my mum n dad didn't make me into a girl!! :nuts: :nuts:

    because i cant share my mum and sister handbags collection. :oh: :suspiciou :mad:
  7. ^ sure you can!
  8. I do regret not going to college right after highschool. What the heck was I thinking? It makes me sad just thinking about it :sad:
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  9. I regret at least 50% of the choices I have made since the age of 15. That SUCKS! working on better judgment as we speak.
  10. Me too. :cry:
  11. I wish I took more chances, instead of being safe, or being mature at such a young age. I never went to parties in high school. All my other friends went, I was considered the 'social crowd' (Footballers, Cheerleaders, etc.) I was the only one that didn't go. some took me as stuck up, but I thought it was for the best.

    After H.S> I found out my parents did not mind if I went to parties, (THey knew I was mature, and was responsible. And I wasn't going to drink or anything)They actually thought it was weird I didn't.

    I also wish I had given people a chance to talk to me. I was always bombarded my people trying to hang out with me, but I really was too cautious.. and didn't give them a chance...

    But I have lightened up, and who knows, if i had done things diffrently I wouldn not be who I am today...And I LOVE ME right now:shame:
  12. there is one that I do regret but I cannot share it.. I wish I never engaged in that behavior but I did and for that, I am forever sorry..... but also, I learned more about myself after having committed the behavior coz it made me realize the importance and the value of those that I truly care for..
  13. Reviving this thread. I was always one to never regret but I moved my family a year ago for a career move and while it worked out professionally, the family is having a very hard time in the new city. My only life regret but boy is it a biggie.

    Anyone else relate? How did you cope?
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  14. It would be interesting to see how some of these tPFers feel now 12 years later. Are you still on here? Do you look at these moments in your life with regret still or have they been learning lessons. Interesting thread to be revived 12+ years later.
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    I regret turning down a 'very good' promotion, however it came at a time when I was going through a lot in life such as divorce and relocation. It seemed to not make sense at the time.

    Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate that other changes would occur which would complicate my current work situation. I often kick myself because doing the opposite of what I did would have made things a lot easier for me now. If the opportunity arises again in the future I won't hesitate.

    The feeling that it might never happen again is truly a terrible one, but not even trying is a worse one.
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