Do you regret anything in your life...

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  1. Dunno, because I am too sensitive about it to share, so, I'm not the saviour of all the people "like me" because I don't want to go round sharing what happened.

    Sorry! ;)


  2. If it all happened fairly recently, of course you're still too sensitive to talk about it, but that won't last forever.

    I've had some pretty major things happen to me in the past (and made some pretty big mistakes, as well) and I have also been in the situation where I couldn't tell anyone (or even admit to myself what had happened), for quite a while. But that feeling didn't last forever.
  3. I do regret all the time and energy I spent worrying about things that never happened....waking up at 3 in the morning anxious and panicky over stuff. If I could only have that time back! Other than that, I never look back.
  4. I regret not going to school when I was younger in CT. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of being accepted into Yale and I was apathetic about it, didn't go and moved here for work and a guy of all reasons!!!!!!! What can I say? I was young and foolish and followed my heart instead of using my head.

    But then again, if I hadn't moved out here, I wouldn't have met my wonderful and darling husband.
  5. I find it difficult to regret the bigger decisions of my life as they have brought me to the place and to the person I am today. Sure- I could have done things differently but I'm very blessed with all that I have (family, friends, great job, beautiful bags!!:nuts: , etc.).
  6. ever get a sinking feeling that you're about to make a decision that you're going to regret, but you somehow can't stop yourself?

    or am i just nuts? i feel kinda like that right now...
  7. You're in school right?
  8. I totally regret that I didn't work harder in my twenties to get a better job. I'm just teaching part-time now and very much wish I had more money. I wasted a lot of time goofing around -- partying, travelling, staying in grad school too long, etc. I also wish that I hadn't made my parents angry w/ me during that time b/c they cut off a lot of my extra spending money;)

    I also wish I had handled almost all romantic relationships very differently since NONE of them worked out in the long term.

    Then, of course, I regret any times that I haven't been very nice to other people.

    That said, philosophically, I try not to dwell on these things b/c to do so would just be too depressing!!
  9. yup. but it's not about school.
  10. I don't really have regrets, but I sometimes wonder how much different my life would be if I hadn't made the choices I did. I'm happy with the way things have turned out and I'm glad I made the decisions I did, whether they benefited me or not at the time. I try not to look back too much, because then I can't look forward to what's coming up next :biggrin:
  11. I regret not finishing college earlier.
  12. Yeah me too!!! I don't know why, my brother is the complete opposite, whatever happens nothing really bothers him. Me on the other hand, I wish when I was younger I wasn't as timid as I was, always worried about this and that and I think I limited my potential that way. Thankfully a few major things/changes happened and I think I was steered into a certain direction to change my life to the better. Anyway, it's a regret and it's a wish now as well that I would be more relaxed about things.
  13. As a child of a mom who stuck it out for "our" sakes, I'd have to stronger urge you to get some conseling and consider leaving. Having to deal with my parents fights and then with my mother telling me that she stayed for us, years later, just about ruined my teenage years. I was in an honors program literally flunking classes. Children know when things aren't right and its deeply painful. More painful than divorce, actually that was a relief and now I have a better relationship with both my parents. This is just my opinion, but its my opinion from the child's point of view.
  14. I regret not buying real estate in South Florida in the 90s? :worried:

    Just trying to lighten things up.

    Oh yes and there are plenty of men that I regret giving so much time to. They were emotional vampires.
  15. I regret some things but learn to accept. If these things haven't happened, something else would that I would regret.