Do you regret anything in your life...

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  1. .... or do you consider every mistake an opportunity to learn?

    I'm interested in everyone's little philosophies on this.

    Personally, I don't regret any decisions I've made in my life so far, because everything I've been through will only help to make me stronger-- or will be a learning experience.

    how do you all feel? :smile:
  2. i regret getting married but i will probably stay for the sake of my son...forget my happines...:sad2:
  3. It would be unwise to say we don't have regrets. Over the year we all have them and wish we could change that particular event.

    I don't view a regret as a mistake. A regret is regretting I moved the glass. The mistake is that it slipped out of my hand when it dropped on the floor.

    Life comes with regret. It also comes with forgiveness and the ability to change the cirumstances that surround us!
  4. That's an intersting way to look at it!

    Perhaps I should have worded my sentiments more correctly. I don't regret any decisions I've made because, personally, I feel as if there is no point in doing so. It is wise to be aware of bad decisions and to learn from them- but there is no reason to regret them. For me, regret means wishing you could change an event in the past- and I'd never do that.

    I really like how you mention the ability to change our circumstances! interesting, thanks for your input!
  5. aww. You should probably re-evalutate that situation. Sometimes parents stay together for the sake of their children, but parents in an unhappy marraige can be more damaging that anything. :heart: My heart goes out to you, for whatever is troubling you, and I hope you're ok.:heart:33:love:
  6. Only the things I knew I shouldn't do before I did them! :biggrin:

    Edit: This post appears to be a work in progress. Maybe I'll live to regret it!

  7. I agree, your children will sense that you're unhappy, anyway; so you need to do what's best for you and that will then be best for them, too.

    Good Luck pursefanaticgurl.
  8. I used to shun regret, thinking that what didn't kill me made me stronger and that bad things happened for a reason, then (and I won't go into deets coz they're A. boring and B. a bit too personal) something happened which, yes I learned and grew strong but if it hadn't happened many, many more options in life would have been open to me, and they are now firmly and permanently closed. :suspiciou

    And the strength I gained was only needed as a way to deal with the results of that situation, and was useless in general.

    I realise how dumb that sounds without going into the what's and why's, but sorry, it's not shareable. :sad: :Push:

    Anyway, where this left me was that regrets, or on the other hand, philosophies about how things happen for a purpose - all that, is just us trying to impose control on the Universe by trying to make it make sense.

    And that IMO it - life, experience, anything - makes NO sense - the Universe is not a big classroom, it is not a vale of tears, it just IS.

    This view actually helps me as I see life as being as senseless as a rodeo ride and therefore I am riding with it rather than wishing it was a dray horse or a throughbred. ;)

    Just my view, but I found it immensely liberating! :lol:

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  9. Are you sure that the strength you gained is useless? Even to try to help people in a similar situation?
  10. When I was young, my father was an overbearing control freak. My YOUNGER sister always stood up to him. I never did. I have always regreted not having the guts to do that. Of course that made me grow into a person who avoids conflict w/ other people. The good side is that I now know exactly what NOT to do with my children!!!!
  11. Plenty of things but they haven't killed me yet.
  12. Hiya,

    yes, but it's not something other people would experience, it's not like being a plucky breast cancer survivor or something where you can help others, it was just loads of personal yuck and anyone in a similar situation would not be helped by hearing that I screwed up the same way. :sad:


  13. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. :sad: I really don't think that you should feel ashamed of, or regret, having a gentle personality.

    I think your sister sounds a bit like me; I'm a bit of a trainee battleaxe (mostly righteous anger, I hope)! :shame: I'm the sort of person who will interrupt strangers' arguments with shop assistants, if I hear an injustice. I sometimes think I may be putting myself in danger, by not keeping my mouth shut, but it's not bravery, I just can't help it - that's my personality and I try not to regret it! :smile:

  14. As the child of a woman who did the exact same thing for 11 years, please don't do that. Children can tell these things, and no child wants to be part of the reason why a parent is unhappy.

  15. Although I agree that most people who screwed up in a similar way, wouldn't feel happier to know that you did too (if you did indeed screw up!); don't you think that it helps most people to know that they're not alone in a situation (even if that situation was technically their fault) and somebody understands?

    Afterall, we are all human and we all make mistakes. As long as we recognise that we have made them and try not to repeat them, what more can we do?