Do you regret a return?

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever regretted a return? Because that happens to me all the time!

    I sent back the patent pigalle 120 and now it's sold out. I totally regret it!! What was I thinking?? I really hope it will be available again... :lecture:

    Then I exchanged the Open Clic 36.5 for a 37 only to realize after a few wears at home, that they're way too big! So i had to buy the 36.5 again (thank god they were on sale!) and now have to sell the 37...

    Am I the only one with regrets? Please post the returns you regret, so i don't feel so alone anymore!!!
  2. I regret returning the rouge patent Bianca's. At the time I thought they were a little too flashy so I opted to get the oxblood color instead. What was I thinking?!?
  3. Patent Pigalles are on NAP atm aren't they?

    I regret selling my Rolandos. They were so pretty!
  4. I returned the Anthracite Goa So Prives because someone else said they didn't look that good... Much later I looked at the photos I had taken modeling them and realized they were "me"- I love that color :confused1:
    Most of my regrets are non-CL. I pretty much have a habit of keeping CLs unless they don't fit :P
  5. Thanks so much ladies it's so good to know i'm not alone!!!

    inspiredgem Ohhhh i totally understand how you feel... I almost bought pink CLs at Saks last year, but didn't because of the color. Now i totally regret that i didn't buy them...

    336 I actually bought the Pigalle at NAP but returned it and now my size (35.5) is sold out! I can't believe i didn't keep them... But thank you for your help! I sent an e-mail to like 6 boutiques, may be i will find them...

    mal I can totally relate to that. I almost returned the Clou Noeud because i read in a thread how many people don't like it. Before sending it back, i tried them again and now i totally love them! So glad i didn't return them... I would totally regret it now!
  6. yes! I returned a pair of Citys ... liked them, but didn't love them at the time. have been looking to replace them ever since. so cute and so comfortable. I would have worn them so much this spring and summer!
  7. Black patent Pigalle 120 are a classic style. They'll always restock. The US online Louboutin boutique carries them, too, so just keep an eye out.
  8. OP--You are certainly not alone. My biggest regret is returning the blue Catwoman to NAP two years ago. At the time I thought they were too high and too dressy. I also regret not pouncing on pairs that came up on ebay last year.
  9. My biggest regret on CL returns are the fuxia greasepaint patent No Prive from I have not been able to find them again up to this day.
  10. The lilac Ronette's that I had. Although I am all better now, though, because I found another pair in black.
  11. not a return, but i regret selling my cream patent mad mary with gold studs (they were too big on me and i rarely wore them) the most... :sad:
  12. Typically, no. If I return something, it's for a good reason; however, I do really regret exchanging my black Clou Noeuds for the nudes...... I really wish I had kept the black now. I digress. :rolleyes:
  13. Oh wow i'm definitely not alone!!
    I just put my name on the NAP waiting list for the Pigalle, they will receive them again. I'm so happy! But i'm so sorry for the ladies who regret returning a pair they can't find anymore!
  14. maybe. i kind of regret returning decollete pailettes i got for half off because the heel was warbled. but at the same token i think it would have bothered me every time i wore them.

    more often i regret not getting things when i had the chance.
  15. I regret having to sell my leopard print patent Open Clics. I loved them (and still do), but they hated my feet and my feet hated them.:shucks: