Do you recognize this bag?

  1. A few weeks ago, I went to a Chinese buffet with my parents and my boyfriend. This Asian lady sat at a table near mine and she had this Louis Vuitton monogram bag that I've never seen before.

    The bag itself overall round-cornered triangular shape. It had two rolled leather handles on top, attached to the two large pieces of canvases that are on the outside of the bag. The handles are actually long enough for the bag to be worn on the shoulder. In between the two flaps is where the main compartment is...the inside of the two pieces of canvas is connected to the outside of the rectangular comparment (It may be the same piece of canvas, I'm not sure). The compartment has a zipper on top.

    My boyfriend and I spent pretty much the whole meal trying to decide whether this is fake or not. But right now I'm not asking about authenticity because I don't know if it exists, or if it's a vintage style, etc. The bag looked pretty new to me...however, I did notice that the "LV" was cut off at one point, but there is perfect symmetry and everything...

    I really like the style of this bag, and I was wondering if anyone knows what it is, if it exists??

    I drew a diagram by hand and scanned it, because I'm so horrible at drawing on the computer (not that I'm any better drawing by hand, lol)

  2. What a good free hand drawing! And I don't know what it is. :shame:
  3. does it kinda look like the gucci jackieo or piston bag? if it does then its fake
  4. The shape of the LV that I saw is longer, and the two Guccis you mentioned lack the extra two flaps on the exterior that the LV I saw had.

    In the two Guccis, the space between the two outer parts seem to form the inside compartment. This piece of LV, it's houses a rectangular compartment within the two external pieces of canvases.
  5. hmmmm iono...but I kinda think it looks like the epi Pont-Neuf, perhaps she special-ordered it?
  6. The Pont-Neuf is too squarish compared to the one I saw.
  7. Sorry I dont know Karmen but you sketch is very good :smile:
  8. OMG..I've seen that bag you are talking about the other day at post office. This lady carried that bag's black epi look alike..the shape is exactly lkike you describe...I know it;s fake because I saw the inside look so horrible and the whole thing look so cheap..I guess "they" make the shape of the bag from every line..epi,mono and cherry blossom??lol
  9. yes there are many many fakes like that sorry
  10. OMG did you see the lining in that ebay item???
  11. Darn. I really liked that bag too, and it looked so...real.

    And I was so envious of the lady that was carrying it too.
    Stupid fakes! :hysteric:

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments on the sketch. I used to be so good at art, but after my obsession with the computer, I've stopped sketching years ago.
  12. I really like your should continue sketching girl ;)