Do you recognise which bag is this inspired from?

  1. I saw this bag from Accessorize and i really like the design, but it is not made of leather (but PVC instead). I suspect that the design is inspired from a high-end designer... somehow, it looks familiar... does anyone know which designer bag is this inspired from? I'm really hoping to get one made of leather in this design...

  2. Looks like the Darel
  3. i'm kinda thinking abt the buckle.... anyone finds the buckle design familiar?
  4. It's certainly not a near copy of any bag I know. MJ uses that *type* of buckle but it's very different.

    I don't think it looks like a Darel ....

    Hope you can get it made it leather;it's gorgeous!!
  5. It sort of looks like a Marc Jacobs Anouk to me, though the buckle isn't positioned there on the MJ bag
  6. hmmm.... buckle looks almost similar to the one on the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag.... everything else... ??????? it's a hybrid!
  7. Ferragamo?
  8. yeah the second i saw it i thought of this ferragamo

  9. Me three..the first thing that popped into my head was that same Ferragamo bag!
  10. ferragamo for me too! the buckle and the side straps are a little suspect, IMO.
  11. Looks like a Mulberry to me.