do you recoginze this collection?

  1. anybody recognize this picture? it's from an e-bay auction, and it looked like perhaps one of our members' pix had been stolen.

  2. :wtf: who stole it!!!!
  3. i'm hoping i'm wrong but these auctions look a little fishy -- like someone just lifted a bunch of photos.

    there's this one, with three pix of what looks like a brown bag, two clearly black, and the above "collection" photo:
    eBay: Hermes Birkin Bag 30cm (07' newest collection) Swift (item 140080477149 end time Feb-08-07 18:01:12 PST)

    then there's this one for a leather/toile bag from the same seller, but in some pix the leather looks like box and in another it's grained:
    eBay: Hermes Birkin 35cm Two tune Newest collection (item 140080479807 end time Feb-08-07 18:07:40 PST)


    edited to add -- it's possible this could be legit, as the photos aren't great and the pebbled pic could just be in the wrong listing (she's got a checked birking up too). but it seemed worth looking into whether anyone recognized the collection
  4. :roflmfao: I am dying laughing at the listing. Who is their right mind would give $7,000 to this person. Zero feedback, no info on the bags...
  5. No way. these are not their pictures. those are two totally different bags. If I'm correct, this looks like aspens pic, or someone elses here, I'm thinking! :confused1:
  6. Yeah, my first thought was Aspens too.
  7. The carpet/tablecloth or whatever is the same though in all pictures. So all three bags were photographed in the same environment, I just doubt that the seller is the owner and that you actually get what is being shown.
  8. yeah, i know -- i'm just being diplomatic while we sleuthe this out . . . .

    i thought maybe pazt, but then i remembered the tricolor she has.
  9. pt barnum's quote comes to mind.
  10. here we go the lawyer and the driller! We'll get to the bottom of this!
  11. okay so it's not aspens, but I've def seen this pic before. Gotta think, gotta think!
  12. what colour is the HAC? Is it etoupe?
  13. Maybe Patz?
  14. yes it is etoupe.