Do You Recieve Louis Mail??

  1. I was wondering for all of the people who recieve catalogs or news of upcoming lines of bags from Louis, how did you subscribe to get those?? Thanks:smile:
  2. I am a VIP, so I get info all the time about different things.
  3. i do. i got a voyage catalog a couple weeks ago and a valentines catalog but that's been it this year. i think mine just come cuz i always buy from one particular store.
  4. it depends on your SA and whether or not they think of you as their VIC. some SAs in the past never sent me anything aside from thank you notes. but some actually fedex me catalogues out of the blue. it just all depends on the SA and your relationship w/ them and the store.
  5. I get mailings, I also think it depends on your SA and if you're in their system. It looks like they send mass mailings out to people in their computer as well.
  6. This year I got the Lunettes de Soleil and the Voyage catalogue and a small catalogue thingy. I think if you are in their system they send you those... Not sure though.
  7. I get some catalogs in the mail as well as thank you cards. This year I also got a call from my SA on my bday. That was nice!
  8. I don't get LV mail, but that's probably because I'm usually there when the new catalogues are available and I just pick them up.

    My coworker, who's only made 3 small LV purchases under $1000 each, receives LV mail so I don't think it's a VIP/VIC issue :shrugs:
  9. My boutique has sent me catalogues and thank-you notes since my first purchase. I used to not have a permanent SA but they sent me the catalogues and thank-you notes anyway. Could this be dependent on store policy?
  10. I do apparantly get mail. I just got the voyage catalogue. It's not really neccessary as I 'm around the store too much already., =-P
  11. Hmm, I dunno. I just started receiving it. Like everyone has said, maybe it's your SA.
  12. Nope.
  13. The region here seems to be using a mass mailing system randomly picking addresses in the database. This year I got the Valentine's day and Sunglasses catalogues in the mail.
  14. You can get a newsletter from the website by registering

    I get catalogues from my store when they come in.