Do you receive LVs as GIFTS or do you purchase them YOURSELF?

  1. It would be intersting to see if most of us receive LVs as gifts or do you purchase them yourself?

    So...are you a recipient OR the buyer?

  2. HAH! I WISH! actually, I am going to buy for someone else soon--my mom! nothing for me though
  3. LOL like i said in the other thread, i'm both.

    i buy them for myself :yes:

    my very first LV was from my dad; both my parents have bought me bags before. plus i've bought gifts for my boyfriend too.
  4. Both!!! I buy for myself and my Boyfriend and Girlfriends Bday..
  5. mine are all gifts, with the exception of one or two...
  6. ;) and of course they gift me right back if its LV that I want...:P
  7. I wish I would get an LV as a gift! That will take some serious convincing of my husband. Serious.

    So far my two pieces have been purchased with my money.
  8. Lets see... I receive some LV bags as gifts; however, I buy most myself.

    I get impatient waiting for an occasion, so I just end up buying them myself! LOL.
  9. Mostly I'm a recipient, thanks to my parents (most often my mom) but I also buy different pieces for them as well.
  10. Oh yeah, I also buy LV for my BF and parents before as gifts.
  11. i always buy :sad:
  12. Both! But I've bought alot more than I have received as gifts!
  13. All of the above. I get LVs from parents and bf; I give them LVs as well; and I ofcourse will spoil myself from time to time. ;)
  14. my first lv was a gift from dear hubby. the succeeding ones are either from my pocket or from his pocket :biggrin:
  15. Both!