Do you really have an "everyday bag"?

  1. I hear many of us talk about..."oh, that would make a perfect everyday bag...", but how many of you really have a bag that you use nearly everyday? I personally have purchased certain bags because I thought they'd be good "everyday bags", but I've only carried each one of them like twice. lol I have about 20 bags in my collection and have not really adopted any one of them as my signature bag or one that I use most. I'm hoping once I get my Birkin that will change. :graucho:
  2. i wish! i did last yr but it was tan and brown and didnt go w all my black. i boguht a new bag, again brown, and wear a lot of black. i find that i switch bags in the summer to go w my outfit, then in the winter i wear different coats so i switch bags.
  3. Well... this is kind of tough. i do have the perfect everyday bag (3 of them, actually!) but I don't use them every day because I carry my laptop to and frum work and it's too big for those bags. But i do have the perfect work tote for that. I don't like carrying my tote and a handbag.

    The laptop thing is new as of a couple months ago. Before that I usually rotated between my Gerard Darel 24 heurs, Balenciaga City and Gryson Skye.
  4. I have an "everyday bag"! After trying out so many different types of bags, the Balenciaga Day is my everyday bag. It's perfect for me! I love how it sits so comfortably on my shoulder, is super lightweight and can hold a little or a ton depending on what I need for the day. I got it in a steel color and it goes with everything! I'm extremely surprised that I have found an everyday bag. I used to be constantly switching bags all the time because nothing was quite right, but this one's perfect for me.
  5. I do. I basically have an"everyday" bag for work, and during the weekends I switch. I am using a Chloe bronze metallic Tekla as my Fall/Winter everyday bag, and had been using a Cole Haan White Village Weave for a Spring/Summer everyday bag. At my work place, everyone wears T-shirt and Jeans and I work mostly with guys so my "signature look" doesn't really matter that much to me.
  6. I rotate bags everyday. Whichever bacg goes best with my outfit I use, so I don't have one specific bag that I use everyday. I like that I can switch it up and really have fun with matching bags to my outfits!
  7. I always have 1 bag that I love for the moment that I use everyday. I also have just for night bags as well.
  8. I have one for work. I don't really use it everyday, but for most of my workdays.
  9. I find myself somewhat in the middle: I have three 'everyday bags', which I rotate, but use every day. I usually take the same things with me to the university or into the city, and those three bags are the perfect size for those items. Out of the three, I pick the one that goes best with what I'm wearing that day.

    On "special" occasions (going out with friends, shopping, parties, short trips, etc.), I take out one of my other bags and give those some air.
  10. eventhough I have a good amount of bags...I live out of my YSL canvas tote. I bought it just for that reason...for everyday use. I carry baby stuff, work stuff, etc. I love it..I need it.
  11. Every season, I have one or two everyday bags, which I switch according to what I'm wearing and whether I'll be meeting people professionally. My jeans-at-home-and-shopping bag is a roomy, slouchy shoulder tote or satchel I can just grab and run. They get used 90% of the time I reach for a bag, but they don't go to meetings and they don't go out to dinner or the theater. ;)
  12. Any bag I own is an everyday bag. I am not the wealthiest person in the world. I also don't like constantly switching between bags. Anytime I buy a bag, I buy with the intention of using the bag every day. I do use it every day. My first high end bag was a Donna Karan Bryant bag. I carried it every day for a year and a half. I now have an LV Neverfull PM. I got it a little over a month ago and I have carried it everyday since then. I will continue to carry it every day until it starts to looks shabby or I just plain get sick of it.
  13. i do! most of my bags are purchased only if they fit my ideal of an "everyday" bag, if only for a few seasons each year. right now, i'm carrying a gunmetal cole haan triple zip satchel. it's classy enough for evenings but large enough to carry all my essentials to work and back. my balenciaga collection is a notable exception; these bags are only used on special occasions, though i'm using them more as time goes on.
  14. I have a few bags that are "everyday" bags in that they don't have a specific style or look that I have to dress up to match, if that makes any sense. No matter what I'm wearing, I can grab one of these bags and be guaranteed that they will "go" with my outfit (color notwithstanding).

    My non-everyday bags usually serve a specific purpose (evening, travel, school, wristlet for short errands, concerts or day trips, etc).
  15. I don't have an everyday bag per se, but Monday thru Friday at work, I almost always carry either my big black bottega tote or my black nappa spy bag. It's very funcitional due to its size and it's very subtle. The least I want to do is carry a momogramed or flashy looking high end designer bag to work.. a lot of the elder ladies always runs their mouth when us young gals carries something nice. (It's not like we rob the story or mooch off of our parents. we work hard for our balenciaga's no?)

    Haters :p