Do you REALLY get what you pay for in perfumes?

  1. So I know we've all heard that pre her own perfume line SJP's favorite scent was a drugstore special.
    I've tried (and spent a lot of money) on expensive perfumes (jo malone, joy, paris, etc.) but two scents that smell amazing on my skin are Tea Rose by the perfumers workshop and a inexpensive Revlon cologne. I WANT a beautiful fancy perfume bottle, but is that what we're really paying for? I know that it all depends on what smells best with your personal body chemistry - but are expensive scents really better than bottles that are under $30.00 (in non-fancy bottles?)

  2. IMO yes. The cheaper ones have alot of alcohol in them.
  3. prolly not.. but im shallow so i go for the expensive stuff in pretty bottles.
  4. Well let's say one cologne to another since perfumes are better.
  5. actually i don't know. i go for the scent over the packaging. i do believe that i do get my money's worth coz i always buy parfum which is concentrated.
  6. i think you only get your money's worth if the scent smells amazing on you - i pay the $90 a bottle for jo malone because i can't get enough of how it smells. something else i really love? victoria secret's amber romance body splash for $9 a bottle. it's staying power is about the same as jo malone and i adore the scent. i don't feel any less luxurious wearing it, even if it comes from a mass market retailer in a plastic bottle. i don't feel like i'm getting a lower-quality product because really, the smell is what matters.
  7. I just got into perfume hard. I have like 9 bottles in 3 months. I used to be strickly bath and body products. That's all the scent I needed. Now I love expensive perfume. I can't get enough of it.

  8. I am a perfume-aholic and have a bunch of fairly high end types (right now I'm loving Burberry Brit and Chanel Chance).

    But AMBER ROMANCE rocks! I never get tired of it and it's just the loveliest aroma ever. I'm not sure that the staying power (on me) is quite as potent as more highly concentrated perfumes -- but I use the body splash and cologne a lot. When VS has specials you can get the cologne, splash and lotion all for under twenty dollars -- total deal:jammin:
  9. omg MandM i totally love burberry brit too! im living in this pefume day and night! im onto my 3rd eau de perfum bottle now
  10. ^^May I ask which Jo Malone scent you use? :flowers:
  11. Perfumes have a HUGE profit margin: in fact, designers often make most of their money from their perfume lines.

    What we're paying for is a designer mark-up. While designers all claim to formulate their own fragrances, they mostly just go over to Fragonard in Grasse, France to pick out an existing scent and stick their own label on it.

    I guess a scent is worth it if you truly love it. After visiting Grasse, though, I've become a curmudgeon about buying perfume!
  12. ^^^ Very Interesting! - so do you use less expensive lines, or not at all?
  13. haha! I stocked up in France. ;)
  14. I want to try Burberry London next! I think Burberry really has staying power and I LOVE the complex aromas:love: