Do You Really Believe Princess Diana's Death Was Really an Accident

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  1. I have been seeing so many shows about princess Diana's death. Its very hard for me to believe that it was an accident. I have read many conspiracy's about her death. I mean you really never know. I just so confused and don't know what to believe any more. Its so sad that she died.:crybaby: She was so pretty. I really admire her. RIP Princess Diana
  2. Yes, I do believe. I've been in the same tunnel in Paris and saw the spot, didn't plan on it, but a cab driver just had to tell me, was quite depressed after that also...don't believe it was planned. So tragic.
  3. I do believe it was an accident. Surely everyone knew that Diana was so popular that even her death couldn't make her just go away, so I cannot see the point in conspiring to have her killed. Additionally, there have been other royal scandals and everyone has worked through it; I believe the same would have happened here.

    Her death was untimely and tragic, but I don't believe it was intentional.
  4. I think that this is one of those subjects that certainly in any offline situation, if it comes up, and you absolutely cannot unobtrusively slip away to refresh your drink and join a different conversational group on the way back, it will be prudent to say that you are 100% in agreement whatever the official statement of the involved government(s) say.

    Even online, there are some subjects that I just don't think it is possible to be over-cautious about discussing, and so there, as well as offline, whatever the official government statement says, of course everyone here has complete faith in that government, and all their official statements, and especially if you are someone who tends to look into various events and ask a lot of questions, and have a lot of questions, relating to actual events that occurred as opposed to official government statements, then you will know even better than others that of course no one here, no one reading this, has any doubt whatsoever that the official statement, like all official statements, is not only the truth and the whole truth, but how truth is defined, especially by those with a high level of interest in safety and security, and once you have made it clear that you pledge allegiance to the official statement, unobtrusively slip away and continue to pursue your interest in looking into those various events, just be very careful where and to whom you ask your questions, lest you give the inaccurate, of course, impression, that you do not have complete faith in this and all Official Statements. ;)
  5. Yes. I believe Princess Diana's death was an accident.
  6. A 2006 BBC poll found 43% Brits believed that the car crash which killed Princess Diana was an accident.
  7. I believe it was an accident.
  8. I have been through that tunnel numerous tiime, too and even though I do not want to believe it is an accident, I think it was an accident. I saw a documentary about the conspiracy theory surrounding her death and Dodi's, but there is very little evidence. Either way, the Royal family still looks bad, compared to Princess Di.
  9. There is an old saying:
    And then there is this new saying:
  10. I used to believe it was an accident for years.

    UNTIL last week when my mom and I watched some movie about a reporter who was at the scene of the accident at the time of Diana's death. I know that it's a movie, but the baseline plot was supposedly true. It was absolutely fascinating.

    It does seem far too suspicious that her body was immediately embalmed instead of being giving a proper inquiry and autopsy.
  11. :confused1:
    I sat here for 3 min reading your post and i still dont get
  12. Thank you.... At least someone agrees with me. It just doesn't make sense. It does not add up.
  13. ^I'm usually not one to believe crazy conspiracies either. Nothing seemed to add up about the story though.
  14. Wow...I never knew that. I just always thought that it was an accident with the paparazzi, I never knew it was "rigged", but then again, I never even thought about it. Interesting. Why would someone purposely kill her? This makes me want to look some stuff up on this and learn more about it.
  15. I saw that movie, it was very good, and while obviously some of the characters were "composites," meaning that they were made of a lot of different real people stuffed together in a sack to make one fictional character, if you have delved into the events, then you would certainly recognize that the movie did include a lot of facts.

    In fact, even if you had not been delving into it, the same channel, We has been showing a lot of other programs that are NOT fictionalized, and that do highlight some of those questions that not everybody is going to want to dwell on, or go poking into.

    As is the case with some other events, individual comfort level is a very important consideration, and that is going to vary from person to person. Nobody can tell you that you "should" or "shouldn't" go poking around.

    Well, that's not true. I will tell you that you shouldn't. :smile:

    And the reason I will tell you that is because if you are somebody who should, then you already have been. :biggrin: