Do you read...

  1. ...when you're on the toilet?

    Our local newspaper always has some crazy polls in it, and this week the poll was if you read on the toilet.

    ..and if you do, what?

    I read when I'm on the toilet and I usually read the Uncle John's toilet book of facts that I got from Amazon! Learned a lot from that book, lol
  2. I do!!!!!!! Especially if I'm reading a really good book and I don't want to put it down!
  3. yup- anythign and everything. books magazine tv guide..
  4. Sometimes if I forget my book, I'll read the back of Shampoo and conditioner bottles, those little papers that are in tampon boxes, lol
  5. LOL stella......I've caught myself doing that!
  6. I don't get WHY people would want to sit and read on the most uncomfortable "chair" in the most uncomfortable position and read a book.

    The loo is for one, well two, purposes. That's what I use it for. Read while sitting on one? Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the sofa for my reading.:yes:
  7. If you have to go, you have to go... And it's like the dentist, you don't want to be there but you have to, might as well enjoy the wait :roflmfao:
    Being wasted time (no pun intended), you might as well read...
  8. Yeah, but his chair is comfortable. :greengrin:
  9. I do all the time... books, magazines, whatever.
  10. Ohhh yeah. I love reading magazines on the toilet! Hehe. But somehow over the past month my bf's gigantic GQs have taken over and now there's only a teen vogue. :sad:
  11. haha, that's what I love about the book I've got. It's divided into 3 sections. Quick sittings, regular sittings, and extra long sittings, lol.

    Quick sittings are just fun little facts, regular sittings are jokes, and the extra long sittings are things like conspiracy theories and facts that take a bit longer to explain :shame:

  12. Thats really funny!!
  13. I read on the toilet sometimes. Usually, I grab a section of the newspaper or a magazine. Sometimes if I have a new catalog I just got in the mail, I'll take that in with me.
  14. oh yes. i always have to read when going to the toilet.
  15. :roflmfao: sorry! I couldn't help laughing when I saw this thread..
    And YES I do read when going to the toilet,
    I might as well coz it just takes me forever trying!:P