Do You Read Your Daily Horoscopes ?

  1. I dont.
    But i do have friends that check their horoscopes every morning.

    Do you read your daily horoscopes ?
  2. I DOOO!!

    I don't check it every morning per se.. but if I log in to any accounts that offers daily horoscope, i make the point to read it. ;)
    To me, it's just like fortune cookie that comes at the end of the meal, something to be taken lightly.:rolleyes:
  3. I used to have them e-mailed to me everyday but I've unsubscribed to that. When I get the chance though, I do check them.
  4. I don't read the daily ones, but in some of the magazines they have them everyone month, so I usually read those (even though half of the time they are wrong)
  5. Noo.. but I do like to look at horoscopes if I'm interested in someone, just to see if maybe there's a sign ! :biggrin:
  6. I don't make it a point to read them but when I buy a magazine I always end up reading my horoscope since they are always located on the last page.Most of the time my horoscope is almost always right for some odd reason. :shrugs:
  7. No I don't
    But anytime I see mags/paper with horoscope, I would read it eventhough it's outdated :angel: :blink:
  8. No.
  9. i use to read mine everyday! i think i got through phases reading it and not reading it!
  10. I usually read mine every day in the newspaper. Some days it's right on the mark and other days it's like:blink: .
  11. i read mine from time to time.
  12. no
  13. no I don't.. but I do know my sign......
  14. I read them sometimes if I happen to run across on them.
  15. hardly...don't really believe it.
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