Do you read the Funnies? Which one is your favorite Comic?

  1. Mine:

    GET FUZZY!! :yes:


  2. I love Zits and the Non Sequitor. My favorite one isn't in my Sunday newspaper-Calvin and Hobbes.
  3. Dh and my favorite: Brevity. It's hilarious in a dry, witty way.
  4. love them! i read zits, luann, get fuzzy, baby blues, and non sequitor in that order.
  5. lamiastella - that's my daily dose of laughter too!!!
  6. Zits has always been a favourite :biggrin:
  7. I don't get the daily newspaper (out of the country), but I love My favorites are Luann, For Better or For Worse, and The meaning of Lila.
  8. I love GET FUZZY!!! But my local paper took them out...sigh! But Zits and Baldo are still good ones!
  9. When I was a kid I LOVED Brenda Starr. She was the best!
  10. I grew up in Malaysia and my favourite childhood comic strip was "Lat". He's an extremely funny cartoonist who grew up in my hometown of Ipoh. His comic strips revolved around daily Malaysian life and his reminscences (is this a word?) on his childhood. Love him!
    I also loved the Archie comics and Snoopy, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes!
  11. My favorite discontinued comic is Calvin and Hobbes. My favorite current comic is For Better or For Worse. :wlae:
  12. I like Get Fuzzy and Baby Blues.

    On my Yahoo! homepage I have Cathy, Fox Trot and Close to Home.
  13. I used to read Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side all the time.

    When I was younger and we visited England, I fell in love with the Beano and Dandy comics. (I loved The Bash Street Kids!)
  14. I do not read them but I prefer to use the comics section when lining my birdcage! I think my bird, Charlie, enjoys reading them!
  15. Get Fuzzy, Zits and Non Sequitor are the first thing I read every morning!