Do you rather have $50k or free house with no mortgage?

  1. No mortgage = more purse and shoes money! Hello!

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  2. Hahaha.

    I'm lucky to be mortgage free, so I'll take the $50K thanks.
    BTW, I think average house prices here are over $600K, so it'd be smart to grab the free house.
  3. ummm 50k it would be crazy not to take the money. However it would depend on what the house looks like, if it is a old junker...the money for sure. If it was brand new and looked classy than the house. However i'd just take the 50k and move to where i want to than use the rest to buy a home i'd actually want, which makes more sense to me than accepting a old nasty house i wouldn't even want just because it's free. For me to take something i actually have to like it, just because it's free don't mean it's great and I should take it.
  4. Wait, will you be the owners of the house, or just allowed to live there?

    I need more info.
  5. no mortgage :biggrin:
  6. No mortgage!
  7. Free house no mortgage
  8. It depends on where the house is and in what shape the house is in.

    If it is a fixer-upper in a bad neighborhood, I would rather take the money.

    If it is a fixer-upper in a decent (or better) neighborhood and the cost of fixing is less than the cost current market, then I would take the house.

    But of course, this is assuming the house is on the same island I live on.
  9. free house
  10. Free house no mortgage. A place to live is always a good thing.
  11. necro, have you checked out house prices in the states?? if I sold my house I could get a mortgage free house in the states and have 50k left over hahaha. darn Australia is so expensive.
  12. ^ Em, it is so expensive here. We could both buy a bigger house too for the prices they have in the States. That whole global financial crisis missed Australia - I was waiting to grab a bit of a bargain, and waited and waited for prices to fall, but it didn't happen. I swear prices actually went up.
  13. Free house, no mortgage
  14. Free house...
  15. No mortgage. No such thing as a free house. :sad: