Do you put your LV down during Christmas house parties?

  1. Today I went to a Christmas dinner/party at a family friend's house with lots of people I don't know. When we went to get our food my aunt said to me, "Why don't you put your purse down?!" I was like, "And have someone steal it?!" And she replied, "We're at a house party, no one is going to steal it!" Lots of ladies there had left their purses unattended, but not me, I kept my Antigua with me at all times except when I left the dinner table briefly and people I knew were sitting close to it. Anyone else like me? I'm like trust no one! :p
  2. I'd leave my LV unattened if I was in my close friends' houses where I know all the people in the house. But I won't risk it if I was in someone else's house or there were lots of strangers in the house.
    Sometimes, I leave my LV in the car if I have to go to a house party that I know there'll be lots of people I'm not familiar with. It's safer that way, I think. :shrugs:
  3. Like above poster, if it's people I know and am comfortable with, I'll put it down. But, if strangers are around, I leave it in the car. But, I do those things with any purse, not just my LVs.
  4. I'll try to make sure that I have a bag/purse that wouldn't be to noticable to carry around with me all the time. There's no way that I would leave ANY purse (cheap or LV) unattended unless I know for sure that someone I know is sitting right next to it to watch it!
  5. Yeah, I put mine down all the time. I keep hoping someone will take it. But, they don't! :roflmfao:
  6. I would never leave an expensive purse in my car.....just me though.
  7. Only YOU can decide what is safe, and what isn't for you.....
    even if i am at a familiar friend's house, I either hide my bag out of view, or ask my friend to keep it in a just NEVER know....
  8. I would leave my purse unattended if I knew everyone at a small party. However, at a larger party with people coming and going, I would never leave any purse unattended.
  9. No, I would never leave my LV unattended at a party where there are people that I don't know. I'll either stick it under the seat of my car,take a different bag (w/o the valuables) or take something that I can throw across my body.
  10. I would never leave an LV bag attended. Drives me nuts when my daughters do it. They'll come out of a dressing room with a BH sitting on the floor. In the meantime, my heart is racing. I think that's how my daughter's koala wallet got "lost."

    I'd wouldn't leave mine alone, unattended. It's just too tempting for someone whose moral compass might be somewhat lacking.
  11. ^ i agree. i don't like leaving my purse unattended anywhere, even at a dinner party. people think i'm weird when i insist on carrying my purse with me at all times, but whatever (it's ok, i get to show off my bag more :p). to dinner parties i usually bring a very small bag like a pochette (which when worn on shoulder, is barely noticeable as it's so small), so i don't think it's a big deal to be lugging it around everywhere. ppl may think i'm weird, but i just don't like the idea of someone taking it. i remember reading on here that someone had an LV bag stolen while she was hosting a dinner party.

    both my DH & I (and come to think of it, our parents as well) have been victims of major theft (over $2,000 in each case) so i imagine there are MANY dishonest people out there, why should I take a chance. Better safe than sorry.
  12. At a party with people I don't know well, I don't take an LV bag for fear of it getting stolen. If I'm with a mixed crowd of family and friends, I usually hide it somewhere. I don't have a problem with wearing a small bag instead of putting it down someplace. My goods are valuable!
  13. I don't bring any LV bags or any expensive bags to those things anyways. i usually load up on lv or fancy accessories (jewelry) to wear on me but i usually feel scared to carry bags that i love to those things. not because i dont trust family, just cause i dont wanna have to lug it or worry about food spilling on it or cats or dogs getting to it, etc. i just wanna hang out and have a nice time without thinking in the back of my head, "omg, my bag! i hope it's still alive" all the time. hehe :heart:
  14. never know what will happen, i never take that chance. I take it or leave it with my mom/dad/bf for a brief moment only.
  15. Definitely not at a house party. Too risky. I'd probably carry a small LV that I could wear on my shoulder all night with ease.