Do you put your Coach on the floor....

  1. when you are somewhere and there is nowhere to put it? Like, I was at a restaurant recently, and there were no empty chairs at our table, and the back of the chair were rounded so I could not hang my purse on it. There was no room on the table.

    This is not a problem for me, as I have a crappy Target purse, but I was thinking about that as I have been looking at pricey purses lately. I kind of LIKE the freedom of not caring about my purse!

    Oh, and sometimes, in a public bathroom, I see the women in the stall next to me put their purse ON THE FLOOR! :wtf: What is up with that? That is gross! I won't even do that with my Target purse, LOL!
  2. I'll usually just stick mine on the floor, but I'll make sure to rest it against something, like a wall, chair or table, and in view so I can always keep track of where it is.

    I would never put my purse on the bathroom floor. I have a 10.00 WalMart purse that I don't even do that with. It's just unsanitary. If there's a hook on the inside of the door, I'll hang it there. If not, I'll pee with it on my shoulder.
  3. there's a biiiiiig thread about this already on this board from very recently, please post about this over there

    it's a bit of a controversial subject around here

  4. i usually hook it on the chair handle. if not, i might put it on the floor if its carpeted or just keep it on my shoulder lol
  5. If I have nowhere to sit my bag, I sit it in the chair behind me and just sit on the edge of the seat.

    As far as the bathroom, I would die before I set it on the floor, the germs!! aack!
  6. yup. :yes:

    anyways, it's a bag. it'll be okay on the floor a few times (except in the bathroom...). but when i'm in class, no way i'm keeping my bag on my lap while i'm trying to take notes.

    as my nephew says, "god made dirt, dirt don't hurt".
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. Only at home. Any and all purses have been on my floor. THe floors at home are cleaned once a week. OTher than that the only bag that goes on the floor is my school bags.
  9. I never set my purses on any floor---that goes from Coach to LV or any inexpensive bag. If I'm in a restaurant and there's no extra chair or a place for my bag, it sits on my lap and I place the napkin on top. Looks funny and ridiculous to others but I don't care.

    If there are no hooks on the bathroom stalls to hang bags, I hold on to it in anyway, but it will never touch the ground. I always see people drop their purses on bathroom floors and on sink counters and it just makes me cringe--more like scream ECOLI. Anything public is dirty IMO.
  10. I don't put any of my bags on the floor...not even in the house. My mother in law is Panamanian and she always says putting a purse on the floor is bad luck. I don't need anymore bad luck! lmao
  11. I only put mine on the floor if there's no chair available, if its black, or if there's carpet. Other than that, all my bags sit with me :smile:
  12. Actually I think that one is specifically a "Would you put your Louis Vuitton on the floor" thread. Is there another?
  13. Only if I absolutely HAVE to.......
  14. Actually this person doesn't have that many posts, so we have to be mindful that they may not know how to navigate the boards yet. But thanks for posting the link. :biggrin: