do you put MJ on a pedestal?


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
i was chatting with someone else about this...i know there's brand loyalty, and i know many MJ girls on here dabble in other designer bag brands...myself included....i've done LV, YSL, gucci, dooney (shame!!), coach, vintage, l.a.m.b., tokidoki and a ton more....but somehow, i always come back to MJ...lately, whenever i see another bag, i totally compare them to my MJ, like MJ is the pinnacle of handbags..and nothing can quite i just deeply addicted, wearing rose colored MJ shades? or do you ladies feel the same? nothing is as good as MJ? And the more MJ bags i am exposed to, the more i believe this...
Aug 2, 2008
Hmmm...for me, I only carry two kinds...MJ and LV. I don't know what it is...I don't know if I'm being a bag snob or what, but those two just do it for me. I have one vintage Gucci bag that my mom gave me (circa early ' that vintage??) and it's a classic style/color, but I've NEVER once carried it - still in the sleeper bag.

I have to admit, LV was my first love and then I found MJ...but they are both up on my pedestal right now. However, since I REFUSE to buy LV anywhere but at the boutiques (even with the authenticate this LV forum, I just can't!), I've been buying more MJ lately. LV's are more one every two years for me, whereas lately it's been two every two weeks for MJ! (thanks to all the enablers, ebay deals thread, etc. on TPF!) Also...I don't know why, but I like Marc Jacobs only...not Marc by Marc Jacobs. How's THAT for a MJ snob??

So, the answer to your question is basically - YES! :yes:
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Jun 13, 2008
Georgia, USA
I'm definitely an MJ snob. I really try not to be, because I know not everybody has this weird disease we share (haha) and some women really don't give a hoot what their bag looks like. But when I see somebody with a really nice, upscale bag, I think... "why? You could have bought an MJ with that money!" Haha, that's soooo bad.


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
yah, i started out with dooney, l.a.m.b. for lesportsac, and coach. then i went to italy....and damn those outlets....and picked up a YSL. i was hooked...but the color didn't work, so i sold it, moved on to longchamp, sold all my dooneys, coachs, and my l.a.m.b.s....moved to LV...then MBMJ, then found that karen elson stam editorial, fell in love, got my stam and that started my MJ addiction....i had a nadja rose bag by tom ford for YSL, that was my dream bag, but sold it... dabbled in a few MJ's...then longchamp again, began slowly selling my LV's, getting deeper into MJ, found l.a.m.b., cheated for several months...sold those...and now im deep into MJ again...and this time, after owning all those other bags...MJ seems like the best...(even though tom ford YSL always holds a place in my heart)


Jul 3, 2008
Where It's At
Who can blame ya for keeping a soft spot for Tom Ford? It's weird, though, because I'm such a recent convert, but now I just can't bring myself to look at other bags. I even TRY to sometimes and I'm just not feelin' it. That's not to say that I LOVE everything MJ puts out, but overall his bags just grab me in a way that other lines don't.


Jan 4, 2007
in a magnetic aquarium
i'm a dedicated mj fan, although i have a gorgeous green MAB and has barely been worn. everytime i pick up the MAB, i ended switching out of the end of the day back to MJ


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Nov 1, 2007
mostly at work
I am totally MJ, too. I always used to be kind of bag-addicted, having a lot of no-name bags with nontheless nice styles in my collection (no money fund for expensive bags at my student time). When I started my job, the first "designer" bag I treated myself with was a LV Deauville. So I also started with LV. I only buy bags whose shape I really like and which I know will work for me (e.. not too small), so I got only two other LV, a Speedy and a CB Pochette (uh - I know - this one IS small, but I just love these cherry blossoms!). I always wanted a MJ stam, but its price was just beyond my budget. After working and finally finding tpf with this great assorted experts here I finally managed to get my first MJ over *bay and finally fell in love. Now I am head over heels in MJ. I compare the leather of everybag with the MJ leather, which is just sooo lucious and am always thinking that I better spare my money to buy some more MJ before buying other bags. I have 4 MJs now and I love everyone of them. They are just sooo me. And I think - they really are that gorgeous as we think they are. I always get LOTS of compliments when I wear one of my MJs, regardless which one I choose. I manage to even convert one of my best friends to even liking bags (she was more into clothes and shoes) and even also my BF loves MJ (I hates me buying that much bags, but he loves all my MJ bags and he even got me some special items for me AND him at the MJ store when he visited Boston!

So MJ rules!!


Feb 7, 2008
good ol' Europe
Since I'm fairly new to all these designer bags, I can absolutely say I'm an MJ girl.
I wanted the one classic bag that goes with everything and that is absolutely me, and found it in Stella. Now I got three of those and a Sophia and a MBMJ bag and a ZC&#8230;

I was never interested in other Designers, though; I usually couldn't care less. I think mostly it's just ridiculously expensive and I don't want to walk around advertising someone's name, i.e. I don't like name prints/Logo prints. That's why MJ is cool. It's just elegant.

I now want to get rid of all my doubles, because honestly I don't use them. I'm on the lookout for a Zoe, and a great clutch &#8211; the only other brand I really desire is Bottega Veneta because well, it's just understatement. But I can absolutely not afford it up until now. So we'll see&#8230;


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Jan 8, 2007
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Yes, I am WAY lopsided. I always wanted MJ - with the awesome bright colored leather and pushlocks. I got my first couple MJs, got a couple Koobas (still have those, though I don't use them), got more MJs, then went all out for a couple Chloe Paddingtons. I still love Paddingtons but I did sell one. I guess I don't need more than one of any other designer that I like.

With MJ, I need a gazillion! I can't get enough of his designs, material and colors. I'm hooked.


Sep 2, 2006
United States
i cheated earlier this year and spent some time with LV...but came back to Marc. ;)
i don't know what kind of hold he has on me, but it's there. :yes:


May 14, 2008
the heartland
I'm definitely an MJ gal; my first "designer" purse off ebay was a Perlina sophia-look-alike, before I knew who MJ was. I once bought a Hudson knock-off without knowing what a Hudson was. I think I'm just inherently attracted to his style of design.

That said, I think a big part is the camaraderie of the gals here too. We have a way of sharing in each others bags and encouraging each other without spite/jealousy.
I was eyeing a miu miu recently and went to the miu miu subforum a few times, and the feeling's not the same for me.
So because we have this special MJ club, I think it really fuels the fire.


Mar 16, 2007
To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure how I started becoming the MbMJ/MJ maniac I am today, but I have pretty much stayed true to MJ from the beginning. (I must be the only one who has no interested whatsoever in LV!)

I think the more you know about a brand, it's bags and accessories and the various styles it comes in, the more you anticipate the next big thing the next season. And that's what's kept me hooked for so long!

(I have to agree with roomommy as well, the MJ forum is also what keeps my love of MJ going and going!)
Mar 18, 2007
li, ny
i find that i often do this - ill be looking at something, like a jimmy choo, or a gucci bag, and then i think to myself, "no, nothings better than marc". there is just something about his style of bags that im most attracted to - ive been tempted to cheat, but never have! im a faithful woman :biggrin: