Do you put foods inside your handbag?

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Do you put food inside your bags?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I just want your opinions on this.. I am afraid of putting food inside my handbags because of the smell! Especially those burgers, fries, etc! Instead, I use a paper bag to store my foods. Just to keep the food away from my bags! What are your opinions on this?
  2. Not even an individually wrapped piece of candy!
  3. Yep, but not all kinds of food! Only when there's no chance of leaking and it's firmly wrapped.
  4. Smelly food... no way!

    A sandwich or something else thats pretty much odorless might sneak into one of my less nice bags, but only if it is properly wrapped. So I definately see where you're coming from!
  5. No, no, no, no!:yucky:
  6. food like candies, mints, biscuits( depends how large my purse is). Never hamburgers, rice etc...
  7. Never hot. moist or oderous foods. Maybe a granola bar, mints, or a ziploc baggie of pretzels. I have put in sealed water bottles but I'm even a little afraid of that.
  8. Snack food, water bottles. Not hot or take out food.
  9. bag of raw almonds or something, and packets of gum or mint.
  10. I like my bags in pristine condition and do not put food of any type in my handbag.
  11. Definitely not hot food eg. burgers, but I'm OK with a sandwich in a container and (non frozen) drink bottle kept in a plastic bag. Yeah, I know I look real classy with my white plastic bag sticking out of my lv :push:
  12. No i dont.
  13. Nope, never. I love smaller purses... so I do not haul too much junk with me.
  14. sealed crackers, gum, maybe a sealed bottle of water...maybe.
  15. Nothing except a pack of gum or mints, but they are always in a cosmetic tote in case something should open up by accident.:yucky: