Do you put a base on your bbag?

  1. I know several members of TPF do this, and I do too. I put a cardboard in my Louis Vuitton Speedy so that the bag will not sag. Although I haven't done this to any of my bbags, I think I will start doing it too. Bags with broad bases, like twiggy, city, work, weekender, part time, shopping, box, matelasse... how many of you out there put cardboard or other forms of base so that your bbags will not sag? Tips please!
  2. no, i love them sagged :p
  3. I don't...though neither my twiggy nor my city is broken in yet.

    But in looking at the bags on other people, I like the's an indication of how delicious the leather is! Besides the motorcycle line is supposed to be edgy, not prim and proper, and I think the sag adds to that edginess.
  4. not for me...i don't add any base in my bags...i prefer it the natural way......:greengrin: :greengrin:
  5. nope, au naturel.....
  6. Nope...the saggier and slouchier they are the better I love my Twiggies! LOL!! :drool:
  7. I never even heard of that before. I wouldn't because I want mine to slouch. I am in the process of breaking in my city (which is coming along nicely).
  8. i love b-bags for the slouchiness. the slouchier the better.
  9. Nope, I love the slouchiness of the leather.
  10. No way. I love the sag on my LV Speedy and even more so on my black city. I can't wait for it to get worn in and slouch some more!!!
  11. No base for me! I love the sagging!
  12. No base for me also...The City holds up pretty well.. even with not much stuff in it.
  13. thanks for your input. I do think slouchy bbags look better.
  14. Hey it was great idea for anyone who doesn't like sagging:graucho: but for the rest of us that like sagging.........sag away:greengrin: :roflmfao:
  15. no cardboard in my bag!!!!!!!... i love teh sag look!!, even in the speedy i rather have it saggy!!