Do you provide receipt with your resold LV?

  1. I don't know if this should go here or in the eBay section, but since it's about an LV item I started here. Sorry if that's wrong mods. :shame:
    I just sold one of my pieces and am wondering if I should include the original receipt for the new owner?
  2. You don't have too. Only if the buyer request a copy. Then you should send a copy with your personal info removed.
  3. I wouldn't. You don't need to do it. I've sold many bags before and had the receipt in the picture w/ things crossed out and mentioned clearly in my auction that the receipt is not part of the eBay win. I would not feel comfortable w/ it, I just don't trust people at all.
  4. that is your choice, but if you do i'd black out the personal information.

    you can include it in pic's with your auction but i'd state whether it comes with the auction or not,. again black out personal information.
  5. I always send a copy when I have it available. Cross out info though.
  6. Only if the buyer requests it and, now, I only provide photocopies (with personal info blacked out).
  7. I include it with personal info blacked out. I posted a thread a month ago about a potential buyer requesting I fax her the receipt so she could see if it was real. Obiviously I didn't do that.