Do you protect your purses?


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Dec 2, 2005
I just received my new Botkier bag, and the leather smells and looks beautiful! I want to keep it that way - do you suggest using a leather protector, or does this change the essence of the bag? If you DO recommend one - which one?

Thanks in advance!
I think the guard could change the smell. I don't really use anything on my bags, I just take extremely good care of them and they are all in great shape. Leather isn't peeling etc and most still have their stock smell :lol:
I feel that a thread about how to properly protect your purse would be useful, considering that many of us own nice bags that we want us to last us a lifetime.

What can you do besides put it in its dustbags and stuff it with tissue paper though? That's what I do before putting my bags in the closet; is there anything else you can do? I have several suede bags, and am so paranoid about using them because I don't think I can properly protect them from the elements. I read about the UGG spray on another thread, so I know about that; are there any other options? For example, do you really need a rain protector (i.e. how the birkin comes with one .. although its scratchproof)?

Any suggestions ladies? :amuse: