Do you protect your purses? With what?

  1. I've seen several suggestions of Shining Monkey and Appleguard for suede.

    Do any of you use protection for leather or canvas items? Just for light colored bags? Do these products discolor the bags at all?
  2. Good questions! I hope you get an answer. I am very interested in knowing this, as well!!
  3. Apple Garde can be used on suede, leather or fabric and I've used it successfully on all three. I've yet to have any problems with colorfastness and it works really well. Here is what the Apple Garde can says:


    Will keep your LEATHER, SUEDE, and FABRICS water repellent and stain resistant. Helps prevent salt stains.

    Can be safely used on all colorfast leather, suede and fabrics. If in doubt of colorfastness, check by spraying a hidden area. If color ribs off it is not colorfast and should not be treated.

    Garde minimizes rub-off and scuffing of all suede products.
  4. I use kiwi, works well and easier ti find....jmho
  5. dont' shoot me if I'm totally wrong. Can you use Scotchguard on Coach signature and suede?
  6. twinkle.tink:

    What is kiwi and where can I find it?
    Please send me the link to where I can purchase it
    if you have it.

    thanks very much,
  7. I use Shining Monkey. It's not as oily as AppleGarde.