Do you protect (condition) your darker colored bags?

  1. I just received my beautiful new Truffle City in the mail. :yahoo: I love it so much that I want to make sure it lasts me a loooong time... Do you ladies recommend that I use any products on it? Or is it already dark enough that it shouldn't really show signs of wear? Opinions please! :flowers:
  2. I would. Conditioner helps make the bag smoother, softer. Protector will help it repel dirt and water. JMO.
  3. i should but i haven't done anything about it. for darker bags, i suppose we can use the Apple Guarde spray to 'waterproof' it.
  4. I agree. I use Apple conditioner on my bags to make sure the leather stays soft. :love:
  5. I saw some eBay listings said either the leather has never been treated, or the leather has been sprayed with Apple Guarde. I am always wondering will its value be affected if doing either way?