Do you pronounce tokidoki the way it looks?

  1. I just ordered and received my first tokidoki bag. I was super excited to get it! it replaced my 2nd dooney that was becoming way too small for me. I got a Trasporto Zucca from :yahoo:

    now that i have this wonderful bag, i'm wondering if i'm pronouncing it correctly?? i've already had many people ask me what it is! and i just want to be sure i'm saying it right.
  2. First off, congratulations! You'll have to be sure to post pics of your beautiful zucca! ^_^ This is what I believe is the proper pronunciation or at least how I pronounce it, Toe-Key-Dough-Key = Tokidoki. I pronounce the word zucca like this, Zoo-kah, and hopefully it's correct. Hope that helps! :smile:
  3. ok, that's what i was thinking. thank you!
  4. Darn ]!! Thanks for posting the fixed one..can't edit that. :lol:
  5. ときどき

    means "sometimes" in Japanese. That's where the name originated. Simone is just crazy over Japanese culture ;)