Do you preserve magazines like books, or do you throw them away like newspapers?

  1. I've kept 4 titles that I've subscribed to over the years: Sassy, Jane, Venuszine and BUST. Plus the odd music magazines that have articles on my favorite artists. I just can't seem to part with them but I'm an organizer so they aren't a bother to store. I used to flip through older issues occasionally but it's been years. Other titles like People or fashion magazines I recycle.
  2. I've kept every issue of Vogue since 2001 but any other magazines I toss after pulling individual pages and putting them into folders if I see something I love.
  3. I loved Sassy! That may have been the first magazine that my mom let me subscribe to.

  4. I use three ring binders with dividers. Most looks are in separate folders (“bags”, “whole look”, “shoes”), but some have dividers (usually by designer, this is how I discovered that I am a huge fan of Max Mara and Hugo Boss while I thought that I liked D&G). I was afraid that the pages are going to tear easy but it is not an issue if you are careful.
  5. Thanks for your reply. :smile: I was wondering because I didn't know if they would tear being straight into the binder. That's good to know that they shouldn't. I like the binder idea because then I can flip through the looks like a magazine instead of pulling out loose pages from folders. :biggrin: I think it would be really nice to get those pages organized.
    On a side note, DH just bought a new printer/scanner that can scan several pages at a time so I could scan the pages I like and keep them in the computer. I'm not sure if this is the solution for me though because I sort of like having the actual pictures in front of me.
  6. I used to hoard magazines. I stopped buying them because I couldn't throw them out. Now I have a Nook Color, and I download my mags. I just love it!!!
  7. I'm going to invest in the iPad 3 so I can subscribe to magazines + use it for school. :biggrin:
  8. I throw them out. Don't really buy mags anymore. But I regret that I threw out some cool indie mags back in the day. With cool band interview and fashion spreads and stuff.
  9. These are tye types of mags i regret i threw out. The general fashion mags I don't really care. i don't even miss any of the Vogues I threw out. But the more indie girl stuff...I really miss 'em!
  10. Well.....I had a National Geographic Magazine collection that was from 1915 until well at the time I quit collecting them I do not remember.

    One day I decided these were too many and too heavy to move all the to e so I tossed them.

    So e days I wish that I kept them. On the earliest ones Alexander Graham Bell was on the board of directors. If I can remember the magazine cost like 2 cents each and per year it was something like 1.50 a year.
  11. I put them in the lunchroom at work or in the lobby of my condo for whomever wants them.
  12. Well update. I just purchased me the complete DVD set of National Geographic includes magazines from 1888 to 2008. Not like having the original paper magazine. It the next best thing to it.
  13. Sassy was truly a revelation for me. The bands, the articles, the fashion, the writers whom I felt like I knew. I loved the "indie" feel of the magazine and could relate to it more than Teen or YM.

    Well, I actually threw away all my Sassy magazines and a portion of my Jane magazines. Then in the early 2000's I was feeling nostalgic and bought all of them on eBay so now I have a complete set of each title. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to read through Sassy again.

    That's awesome, what a great thing to have! But I understand how it's not the same as the printed magazine.
  14. I throw them away unless it's a really good issue or if there are articles that I'd like to keep on file, I just rip them and throw the rest of the magazines away.
  15. I used to throw them away but lately I am hoarding them. But I plan on keeping articles and editorials on file and place in recycling. I just don't know when I will get around to that, lol!! The only one I will preserve is the vogue issue with Michelle Obama on the cover.