Do you preserve magazines like books, or do you throw them away like newspapers?

  1. I used to keep them, thinking that maybe i'll flip through them again, but i never did. Then i realised that they just added to the clutter in my house, so these days, i discard them after i'm done reading them. Or i give them to friends/family who want to read them.
  2. I keep them for a bit then trash them because they are cluttering the house. Haha. DH gets them from work all the times and ends up bringing them home for me to read. So imagine if I kept all of them.. LOL!!
  3. I've subscribed to only one magazine which is loaded with information so i keep that one wherever i would take snapshots or scan them and save and upload somewhere and at the same time share to those i know who will be interested in reading them. i also learned how to dismember the pages of whats interesting but later toss them out too. scanning is the easiest.
  4. I hold on to travel magazines, but that's it. I used to keep every issue of every magazine but when we moved I realized that I didn't need them. So now I either pass them onto someone else or I recycle them.
  5. I'm not a big magazine reader, so the only time I do buy them, I keep them (especially if there is a particular actor on the cover I really like!). Except for gossip magazines. Those kept passed around between myself, my mom and my sister and then they are discarded.
  6. I recycle old fashion or news magazines unless my friends want them. Like others have said I cut out articles or pictures that I want to keep. The only magazine I keep whole is National Geographic. My parents started me on it and I love to flip through old issues.
  7. I recycle magazines after I'm done reading them, except for maybe historically relevant issues. I also still have parenting magazines from when my son was a baby, and a couple of Japanese fashion magazines from when we hosted a Japanese student. I probably won't get rid of those, since they have sentimental value.
  8. I used to keep magazines for 12 months and then throw them away. I do read some again, or other people do. I used to keep all my magazines but they just take up too much space
  9. This is exactly what I do, too. I subscribe to a few and once every 6 months, I sit down on the floor of my room and go through each one... it takes all evening as the pile accumulates over a hundred, lol. I tear out what I like from each and put it into a plastic binder. The rest get tossed.
  10. I've kept my Vogues because many of the clothes and ads in them are like art but I plan to get rid of most of them because they take up space.
    I will keep my Japanese magazines (maybe 6) because I like them alot and they are hard to get in the US.
  11. MrsBradley, I'm curious how you file them into a binder. :smile:I've also torn out looks I liked in magazines and put them in folders but I don't look though the folders much because I don't like how it's not well organized.
  12. I recycle my magazines. When I'm done I just drop them off in the breakroom at work so someone else can enjoy them.
  13. I actually have a lot of my old ELLEGirl's still. I'm 25, but it was - and still is a great resource, especially when I was like, 18-23. I just can't get rid of them; the clothes I'm past, but I used to love the makeup layouts.

    I still have a lot of old Lula's, and French Vogue. But they're a little spendy here, so I feel worse throwing those out than I do, like, a $3.99 Star.
  14. I keep my architecture and interior design magazines and the big spring and fall Vogue.
    I donate the rest.
  15. Recycle. It creates too much clutter to keep them. Also...when I die, who will want them? Do I want my children to have to toss everything? I know it sounds morbid, but it's an unnecessary task to put on people already grieving.

    I understand keeping historical stuff, but not others.