Do you prefer....

Jan 25, 2006
to shop online or actually go to the store? I have noticed in the last year I have done pretty much all my shopping online, except groceries :biggrin: I love having everything I want/need right at the click of a button, and not only that its delivered right to my door :nuts:
I like the whole shopping experience, so I prefer to shop at the store. Ah, the feeling of coming home with shopping bags in tow :biggrin: I rarely ever order online, unless it's a good deal or something hard to find on eBay.
I prefer shopping in the stores. I like to look at and feel the bags and try them on before making a decision. I also enjoy looking at bags I'm not interested in buying. I like to see in person all the lines.
online. i don't like SA's bothering me. i like shopping in peace. also shopping NYC is soooo busy and crowded ALL the time. gives me a headache.
a lot of times i shop online out of necessity because i live in a college town and away from all the good stores, but i prefer to actually see things before i buy them usually. there are some definite advantages to doing it online, though (no snotty SAs!)
it depends...i shop online when i don't need to try something on because i know how it fits...especially if i can get it on sale. i shop online for my daughter all the time to get good prices without having to drive to the outlet store.

i like to shop in general, and don't mind going to the store, but depending on my moods, shopping can be a PITA.
In the winters I like to shop online. I don't like venturing out into the cold in Manhattan. In the winters I am more likely to go to malls. But in the spring and summer time I like to go shopping on the streets of New York. I also shop online when there is a deal or if I know that I want something and I have seen it before and then I will buy it.