Do you prefer.....


Do you prefer the Cambon large tote?

  1. Black with white CC's

  2. Black with Patent Leather CC's

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. In the Cambon line, do you prefer the large tote in black with white CC's or Black with Patent leather CC's? At first I thought I liked the black and white better....but the black with patent was more subtle and also pretty. TIA for your opinion!
  2. Black with black patent definitely.
  3. Black with black patent leather.
  4. Agree!
  5. Black with black too
  6. I voted before I looked. . . I try not to be swayed!
    I was surprised that as of right now it's 7 for black/black and 0 for white/black!
  7. Black on black:yes:
  8. Another vote for the black on black.
  9. I am partial to the black w/patent black CC's because I have it and I love it!
  10. Black with Black.:yes:
  11. Black w/ the black patent.. def!!
  12. I have the Black with Black Patent and I love it.
  13. i prefer black with white...
  14. I like black w/white. I'm not fond of the patent black. But I do like the regular black/black.
  15. Black/black!