Do you prefer to "rent or to "own" the bag ?

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  1. Following that article of the thread above (mentionning Purseblog!) :
    Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Designer handbags: why buy when you can rent?

    What do you think ? Would you rent your bags so you can update to latest trend, or special occasions ?

    "Even in the secular world of American fashion, miracles can happen. Two website companies are offering couture accessories to the chic masses at affordable prices. In short: handbags for rent"

    "Prices rise from $15 a month for brands such as Coach and DKNY to $175 for Chloé, Prada and Gucci."

    With my tastes I would have to get a "Diva" subscription, so it would cost me 175$ a month. But after 1 year I won´t have anything, might have enjoyed all these bags,BUT my closet is empty !! Whereas I could have bought myself a Chanel for a lifetime......I guess I´m not much of a trend follower, or don´t care to impress people.....

    How about you ???
  2. I do not really relish the thought of carrying a bag that has been used before by other people!

    I would say buy. Rent is a good idea for those on a budget or who get bored quickly, but I like to know exactly where my bag has been lol ;)
  3. There is already a thread in GD on this topic!
Thread Status:
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