Do you prefer to buy new or used LV items?

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  1. I only have 3 pieces (Mono petit bucket, wallet and the Cabas Mezzo) and all 3 pieces I bought brand new. I love getting the boxes and dustbags and keeping all of that stored together. I have been eyeing a coupl of things on Let-Trade but I can't get past the fact that you don't get a dustbag with the purchase. So, my question, are you ok with not getting the "whole package" and saving some money buying used or do you prefer to buy new and get all the "stuff" that comes with a brand new item?
  2. I personally prefer to purchase my LV from either eluxury or a boutique.
  3. I thought it was ok for me to buy 2nd hand...but after I bought it once, I feel that I love my brand new LV more than I love the second hand one (eg. i dont mind to put my 2nd hand LV on the carpet but not for my brand new LV). The feeling is just like...its not as perfect as the new one ;) so yeah... since then, no more 2nd hand LV from eBay since I dont know who is the owner, and how they took care of their bag. But I might want to buy LV from MP cos I know all of you loves your bag so much and take a good care of them ;)
  4. I've always received a dustbag from Let Trade, eventhough they say the items don't come with them. I prefer to buy new, but sometimes with the limited discontinued items, the only way is through reputable 2nd handers....
  5. Always new. I will only go into the LV boutique to purchase anything LV. Mainly because if I am going to spend that much money on a bag or other accessories..I want the full experience!
  6. My 2 LV bags are new from the boutique. Several years ago, I toyed with the idea of buying on eBay. I got spooked and didn't want to take a chance.:oh:
  7. Either or. Doesn't matter to me. There are several vintage pieces I like such as the Noctambule that isn't sold anymore in boutiques so the only option would be to purchase used. :p
  8. I personally prefer brand new from the boutique.
  9. New unless they are discontinued then i have no choice :smile:
  10. So far I have only purchased from LV boutiques. I am not good with eBay and just don't want to risk getting fake items. Plus, I am not sure if I will love an used item as much as a brand new item. This is just me...
  11. i don't mind buying used, i'm not so paranoid of staining or damaging a used bag. i love buying at the boutique, but if i can save a few hundred dollars...and the bag is almost new...i don't mind buying a gently used bag. but you have to research your seller, and ask all the right questions. i did make one bad purchase, it was authentic...but reeked of cigarette smoke, so badly that the ups driver commented on how the box smelled up his truck!

    so that is one of my questions, does the bag have any odors??? sounds silly, but that was an awful experience
  12. I have bought three items from Ebay and they all came with dustbags... but now my preference is to buy ACCESSORIES from Ebay and bags from Eluxury (I'm hooked on pale vachetta right now)
  13. most of my items are new. i only buy used if they're limited edition or discontinued and i can't find them anywhere except on eBay
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. :smile: Exactly!