Do you prefer to buy from a boutique or department store?

  1. After an embarrassing experience of returning sneakers after I bought them maybe 10-20 minutes after seeing them in Bloomies for 20% off in the shade I love, I began to wonder if it was smarter to shop at the dept. store rather then the boutique itself for most items, like mainstream bags, wristlets, and shoes, obviously more cost effective. What do you think? Now I figure I'll buy the dog sweater from the boutique SA, because they sadly recognize my face there.
  2. I prefer shopping at the department store. I find that i do a-lot of bag shopping online, either ebay or I feel more relaxed in the department store for some reason.
  3. I shop alot on-line, but mostly in a department store only because we don't have any boutiques around here, and the nearest Coach store is about 3 hours away.
  4. i like the boutiques more unless the department store is cheaper
  5. I just don't like pushy sales people. I try to buy on ebay when I can. I go to the boutique when I really want something and know it won't be on sale anytime soon - the Legacy Line was my first personal Coach purchase.

    When I walk in the door, the sales people bombard me and I don't like that.

    i actually filed a complaint at one of the outlets because a salesperson was overly pushy. She had a comment on every bag I picked up. She couldn't take the hint that I was "just looking"...
  6. LOL i hate that too!! GRRR i wish they just leave me alone! but i like the boutique better it looks more fancy and you always get a new bag that no one has touched.
  7. ^^Yeah I know, and then I felt obligated to buy the shoes, even though the gold bothered me, and she dissed my adidas that I love to death, and had me try on all the scarves and such when I said just looking and chased me around with the dog coat and then the wristlets and the skinnys, and then I come back to return that same night because I just couldn't take it, and thought I should finally voice myself, but ended up telling her I'll come back to look at dress shoes for a party I need to accessorize for. Oy it was just a complete mess and all I wanted was just a relaxing evening, not a guilt trip. Maybe I should ditch that store and go check out garden state instead lol.
  8. I love the boutique - it's so much fun to talk to the SA's there and they know what bags i have...last night I was there to buy my blue patent mini skinny and I finally got to feel that dog sweater (TDF!) and the sweetest SA told me to bring my pup in next time to have her try it on. Then she brought out a black patent leash that has the red buttons on it that she new matched one of the collars I had and we oohed and ahhed over it and then again told me to bring my pup in to try that on as well - I never have that much fun with the SA's in a dept store, and they would never invite me to bring my pup in!
  9. Usually, I buy from bloomies since there's always a way that I can get it cheaper. There's always an event (F&F, private sale, 15% using your credit card, etc.) Otherwise, I'll shop at the boutique for items that are exclusive to the boutique. It's always a great experience shopping at the actual boutique since they have all the up to date information about the current and future collections. The displays are so cute esp the one at short hills.
  10. I love the boutique, but I feel a little more annoymous in the dept stores. I don't buy often ($$$ issues), but I love to go "visit" my bags! Plus, like others have mentioned, often in the dept store you can get discounts, i.e. friend thats an employee, opening a credit card etc...No argument that the boutiques have a much better selection and more knowledgeable SAs but sometimes they are a little pushy.
  11. I look at the department stores first for sales then go over to the boutique. So far I have only purchase 1 thing from the boutique cause the outlets are just too addicting!
  12. ^^LOL! You wouldn't have guessed if you saw her collection!
  13. I just made a purchase at the boutique and hated the experience! Like a lot of you she followed me all through the store, commented on everything and then out and out lied to me about being able to find some items at the outlet. I know it isn't in her best interest to lose a sale to the outlet but honesty would have brought me back, now I will walk across the mall to Macy's or Nordstrom and purchase there instead of the boutique.:cursing:
  14. On my last trip to the boutique I was completely ignored, so they aren't always overly pushy with me! I like the boutique better, overall, though, because there is always someone there to answer a question who actually might know the answer. The SA's in the Coach department always seem clueless, which is odd because it is a pretty big area in Macy's. The boutique always has the newest items, too, which Macy's often does not.

    However, Macy's has a much bigger selection of Coach shoes than does the boutique. And, of course, if there is a sale I'll take department store prices!
  15. ^^Some either know or they don't. We're lucky here that we have two SAs that know what they are talking about. Sadly though at the actual boutique thats not always the case. I remember at the Paramus boutique I was enquiring about the cosmetic case, and zip around wallet, and she said whatever she could to have me order from her, including saying they made a legacy cosmetic case that was smaller then the round one, and that there was a slimmer zip around wallet. I guess it depends what day, which store, and which SA. I've met a couple that were delightful, alot the negative experiences outweigh the positive. That's why I now will try to order from sprinkles or buy from bloomies. Its easier that way for me.