do you prefer this Marc Jacobs bag or this Coach bag? r/o pic

  1. MJ for sure.
    The venetia is a classic.. so what if it has a few water stains on the back...
  2. what about the PINK color? isn't it too pink? and how classic is pink?

    how come not the Coach one? is it too ugly?
  3. MJ!!!!!! i don't like the coach at all
  4. Definitely the MJ! It just seems like you could walk into the store and get that coach bag anytime.
  5. MJ is known for his great colors.. I own two different pink MJ stellas.. and love them both. I'll never get rid of them.
  6. the MJ, definitely - never been a fan of signature coach bags, they tend to SCREAM the brand, imho
  7. I also like the MJ and pink happens to be my favorite color. I don't really care for the coach bag because I'm not a big fan of all over logos.
  8. I guess it depends on your age.
    The Marc Jacobs bag is really, very classic and stains come with time. Oh well, it was going to happen with or without you ;)
    The Coach bag is lower quality because it is made from fabric and you can get that bag the rest of your life;;Coach never changes anything about the classic signature, but I don't think many of 'us' would consider anything Coach classic.
  9. MJ would be my choice. It will also last longer being that it is leather and most likely constructed better than the Coach.
  10. Out of those two, I prefer the MJ, and I generally like Coach bags. But the one here is not a classic design and is not particularly attractive. Coach Legacy leather bags are beauties that ARE classic and will stand the test of time. There are many of "us" here who love Coach bags.

    But of the two you posted, definitely the MJ.
  11. definitely the mj!
  12. :happydance: MJ for sure. I don't like fabric coaches with the C's all over.
  13. Another vote for the MJ!
  14. The MJ all day every day!