Do you prefer the part-time over the city?

  1. It seems that the city is one of the most popular styles to purchase but I also see a lot of pf'ers getting part-times. Do you buy it instead of the city because it's bigger? Do you like that it's longer or do you think it looks better on you because of your height?

    I am 5 feet and feel that the part-time is too wide and makes me look short but I'm rethinking it...
  2. I think there are some mixed feelings about the PT. I have both a City and a PT. I have not used the PT yet but I like it because the straps are a little longer and it can still be carried on the shoulder. I also want a Work bag and I think a lot of PFers like the PT because it's almost as big as the Work AND has a strap.
  3. I only like the PT w/GH. :yes: The handles are longer and when you put your stuff in it, it slouches and looks more like the City style. :idea:
  4. I prefer the City- the PT proportion looks funny to me for some reason.
  5. I don't prefer, I like them both. PFers just recently started buying the PT more, I would say especially after the gold hardware started coming out. I bought mine when it first came out and I didn't see many PFers really getting into them until now. It's a lot like the City but a lot of people say it's too wide for them. I'm really short at 5'2" and don't find it weird on me. I like the proportions. I like the long strap. I like how it slouches. I like the wider and deeper body. I only don't like the shorter height, but you can't have it all, right?
  6. Don't own either, but if i ever get to the point where I can afford another bbag, I think I will get a PT.
  7. I think PT looks disproportionate. The sides hang down no matter how much it's filled, I think given the size, PT should be more structured. Just imo.
  8. I've always liked the City style best but since I got a Part-time a few months ago I've been wearing it all the time. Now I have to change & start using my City's again because I've been neglecting them... the extra room in the Part-time is really easy to get used to. I'd get another one in a heartbeat.
  9. i prefer teh city more.
    it's more about the way each looks on me, and i happen to like the way city on me more than PT on me
  10. I prefer City !!
  11. I like how unstructered it is. That's the beauty of Balenciaga bags. The slouchier, the better. I love the combination of a structured shape, but with leather so slouchy, it doesn't hold its shape.

    Anyway, I prefer the Parttime over the city because I prefer the longer handles and the longer strap. The extra depth is nice, too.
  12. While the PT looks too wide, I guess I would have to try one out to really get a feel for it. I'm so scared of wearing a PT on my shoulder and slugging someone behind me with it as I turn around. :push: So I guess I'm a city girl for now.
  13. I have both city and part-time...and I like both but actually I am more attracted to PT 'cause I love big bags....PT had width of the work and length of the city...sort of.....but don't worry about slugging someone behind you with PT 'cause I never have done that with my work or PT. A lot of girls owning the work size wear it over their shoulders too! and the PT is no wider than the work! :smile: I think PT looks really good with GH.
  14. I think the City is a better size