Do you prefer the latest styles?

handbag helen

Dec 5, 2006
So, I am curious as to how others feel. Do you generally like the latest, newest bags or does it matter to you if a bag is a year or 2 old?
I ask as I still like a few bags that I never ended up getting such as the large mini signature hobo and the calfskin pocket satchel. Since I am very pleased with my new legacy bag I probably won't pursue anything in the near future.
Of course that won't stop me from stopping in the outlet every now and then!
considering i've returned 3 bags from the boutique in the last month or so, i'm not too thrilled.

i'm actually loving my outlet hobo more than anything!
i do like some current styles, but sometimes i find myself pulling old stuff out the closet, and people are always complementing me, thinking they are newer bags. Like, one of my fave old bags is the first signature duffle sac (large). it's the best bag ever and now when i carry it, people ask me about it...when i tell them it's 5-6 years old, they are surprised.
That's one of the things about Coach that I hate/love: the styles change so frequently that what is old becomes new again! I see ladies carrying Coach all the time and I never know if it's "old" or "new". I always assume it's new and get jealous!
Since I only buy bags I love, it doesn't matter to me if what I carry is new or not. I wouldn't buy a bag just because it was a new style for the season if I didn't love it enough to wear it next year and the year after.

When I see an outlet bag I love, I will get it no matter how old it is! I'd rather be true to myself than trendy.

:crybaby: Sadly, I WANT to love a new bag this spring/summer because I need a new spring/summer bag. But I don't see anything that really calls to me yet.
I wear whatever matches my outfit. Doesn't matter if I bought it 4 years ago or last week. But when I get a new bag I tend to wear whatever matches that bag the most.
i haven't been real thrilled with alot from these past seasons but did regreat not purchasing a bag i saw this summer.........a khaki sig tote w/gold python trim.....very simple but elegant..........(i believe pursefanatics has shown it here in a couple of threads), and she purchased it through an outlet.
well i really regreted not purchasing it this summer so i called JAX...3 days before christmas and they still had a couple left!!!!:yahoo:
i received it the next day and i'm loving this bag....more so than any i've seen for fall or spring!!!!
so for me i've gone back to some styles from previous seasons and to their avaiability.......and i'm pretty thrilled!!!
I carry purses of all seasons, I can't wait til spring so I can take out my ladybug hobo from 2 years ago & my spring patchwork hobo from last spring. I love them even though they are older. But of course I try to switch purses about every week or so.