do you prefer the key holder in damier regular or damier azur print?

  1. do you prefer the key holder in damier regular or damier azur print?

    the damier azur print is so adorable... but will it get dirty easily?

    But i feel like damier regular print will go well with everything.

    what do you think?
  2. I was wondering the same thing a few months ago. I settled on black MC but now that I look at the Azur keyholder, it's *SO* cute and I might get it for the Spring/Summer. I think you should get the Azur since Spring & Summer is almost here. Also, it's not that hard to keep clean. I have an Azur speedy and always get denim transfer on it but it comes right off when I wipe it down with baby wipes.
  3. Get the Azur, I like to have bright color items in my bag so that when I reach for something, I'll see it right away.
  4. I say azur too...such a fresh look
  5. Probably the Ebene, because keys tend to get dirty. I was using the Vernis Perle cles and it got kinda dingy from my keys after a while.
  6. i think the ebene is beautifullll

    the look is just richer and more refined i think..
  7. I would get the azur
  8. ebene
  9. Hehe.. I am looking to purchase a new key holder too!! But I think Epi is the best due to the durability. If I must choose between Damier Ebene or Azur... I'd go with Ebene because I don't like my azur gets dirty looking from used. That just my opinion.. :smile:
  10. Damier Ebene:tup:
  11. both are gorgeous.
    However, i got the Azur because I kept loosing my keys and had to get something that could easily be seen.
    I also own the MC Astropill for that very reason!
  12. Azur...I have the speedy 30 and it does not dirty easily. You can wipe it right off.
  13. azur is my choice..:tup:
  14. I always love Azur.... but I always choose Damier Ebene because it won't get dirty.
  15. Ebene!