Do you prefer the Dior calfskin or lambskin?

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  1. I bought my Lady Dior in lambskin because it was what I really loved, but I thought the calfskin might be more durable? I did buy an everyday bag (the D Dior Shopper) which is calfskin and am hoping it will hide wear better. What do you all think? Do you love Dior's calfskin or lambskin? Oh and why (if you don't mind sharing!)? I'm very new to Dior and want to learn from the experts! :smile: Also, does the leather soften over time?
  2. i have to admit i know next to nothing about calfskin and lambskin (i only learnt about lambskin from my friend who's into chanel bags). but i did get to touch both the cannage drawstring in lambskin and in calfskin. i didn't know it at that time though, and i just felt that it was odd that the tan coloured cannage was much less softer/flimsy than the bright red and black ones. at that moment, i thought that i really did prefer the tan cannage's leather better because it felt like any regular leather, but just a wee bit softer/slouchier perhaps. the other colour cannages had leather that i felt was too soft for my liking. it felt very very fragile.

    it was only after browsing on the dior website some time later that i realised that the tan was made of calfskin, and the others were lambskin. so i guess i prefer calfskin more (i'm a klutz, i'll probably rip a hole in the lambskin if i had one)!

    and from the chanel camp, it does appear that the lambskin is really really delicate.
  3. I prefer lambskin only because it's not used as often on bags (especially Dior ones), and because it feels so soft (but it ends up slouching the cannage bag to an extreme)! I like structured bags if Dior can use lambskin the way Chanel does, it would be awesome!!
  4. Since the Lady Dior is very structured, do you think the lambskin will hold up okay? I plan to use it as a special occassion bag or as a pick me up when I need something luxe. :smile:
    Thanks for all of the opinions! :smile:
  5. YEP! Lambskin holds up if it has structural support (i.e. as on the Lady Dior bag). In other words, the bag won't sag easily and lose its shape. Lambskin is supposed to scruff easily, but if you use the bag with love and care (don't have to be terribly careful with it) it won't scruff with ease at all.

    I hope you get tons of compliments with your Lady Dior!!
  6. Thank you for the feedback! The Lady Dior isn't as common...everyone seems to carry a LV or Gucci where I live...I think most are fakes. :sad: I love that this Dior is so special. I considered both the lambskin and the calfskin, but the lambskin was my first true love. :smile:
  7. great choice on the lambskin lady dior... absolutely timeless, classic, beautiful bag! :heart: