do you prefer the black balenciaga... in the classique/small size OR city/ med. size?

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  1. do you prefer the black balenciaga... in the classique/small size OR city/ med. size?

    and JUST AND ONLY based on LOOKS. not the cost of it or the fact that one can hold more things in it.

    thank you!
  2. City
  3. city
  4. first!
  5. first!
  6. oh forgot to ask... can please answer why please??

    i'm in dilemna of not knowing which one to get.... *sigh*
  7. hm...just by looks? that makes it tough. i like both!!

    to me, the first is more dressy while the city is more casual. since i am more of a casual gal then i am picking the city!
  8. City..I'm a big bag fan.
  9. Definitely City for me! I only like certain colors in the Classique size (unless it's from the flat brass era, then I like the black in the Classique size)
  10. I have both and love them both. The first is perfect for going out and I think it looks really hot, but the city is a super cool everyday bag and looks more oversized and slouchy. Tough decision--you may just have to buy BOTH!
  11. I have them both as well. I have to say i'm a City girl - but there is nothing is the world like my flat brass classique!
    I use my City more (I think I also baby my classique a little) - I use the classique more as a evening bag.
    I agree with Avery BOTH!
  12. i said first because i prefer my bigger bags with colours :yahoo:
    i used my flat brass coffee, very dark almost black but still with dark coffee tone i loved to go out at nights or light shopping when i don't have to bring the whole garage with me and more formal meetings
    while my bigger b-bags in colours are all about FUN :P
  13. Both, I really can't choose.
  14. Well, my first Bbag was a Black City, so I guess I should say I prefer City...on the other hand, I think I would have to own a black first:graucho: :graucho: to be able to compare...
  15. Just on looks alone, I like the First better.