Do You Prefer 'Structured' or 'Unstructured' Bags?

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  1. All those years I thought I was a 'slightly slouchy', 'boho' person. But I've just bought quite a structured Dolce and Gabbana shoulder bag, in pebbled black leather. It has a huge silver push-lock on the front and I love it. Although it holds plenty, it's made me discipline myself re bag stuffing! I actually never whip Freud's Interpretation of Dreams out of my bag to read when I'm in town, even though I've been dragging it around for months in a bigger bag. The D&G holds exactly what I need for the day, and never the kitchen sink. If the digicam was working I'd post a pic. Hopefully later! So which do you prefer - structured or slouchy?
  2. Structured.
  3. Well my bags tend to lean heavily on the unstructured side but I do have a couple that are structured and I like those too. However I find my stuff fits better in a unstructured bag and in my case more comfortable to wear.
  4. I love the look of unstructured but need structure for better organization of the stuff I'm carry inside of the bag. I'd say about 1/4 of my bags are unstructured.
  5. Unstructured to semi structured for me.
  6. ^ you read my mind tonij2000.
  7. structured.
  8. Structured
  9. I like a cross between the two!
    Mainly structured but with a certain relaxedness about it!!
  10. I like structured for daily use, but a slouchy bag is okay when you don't have to find things immediately.
  11. I like each of them for different reasons - unstructured for business and more formal outings and unstructured for casual and weekend wear.
  12. Structured and smaller. Otherwise I have a tendency to stuff them full!
  13. I need to stop stuffing my bag now!
  14. I don't like overly structured bags-they look too stiff and business like for me. I like a slightly more laid back look. I've never really been a fan of super slouchy either (like moni moni or Giorgio Brato bags) as they wouldn't fit my lifestyle.
  15. both!